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Sales and marketing of your book

Image: Sales and marketing of your book.Our authors and their research are our number one priority.

We want to ensure maximum reach and impact for your book globally.

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Promoting your book

Ensuring maximum reach and impact for your book

At Emerald we work hard to promote your book. We will market your work to academics, researchers and practitioners pre and post-publication to generate engagement across various digital channels, as well as capitalizing on our global reach to ensure we maximize the dissemination and discoverability of your work.

Our sales and marketing brochure provides all the information you will need on our channels to market. But when it comes to getting your book seen, read and cited, you are a key factor in your book’s success.

Here are our Top 10 author activities

  • On average, a person sends over 40 emails a day – make sure you include your book title and link in your email signature.

  • Do you teach or speak at events or conferences? Feature a slide at the end of your lectures and presentations.

  • Spread the word within your networks – post information about your book to relevant contact lists, forums, associations and listservs.

  • Join the conversation – maximize the potential of your social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Academia.Edu, Google+ are all great ways to ensure your research is part of current discussions. See our Social Media advice section.

  • Speak to your librarian and campus bookstore – make sure they have copies in stock and access to Emerald Insight.

  • Request a flyer – we’re happy to provide a flyer for your book for you to distribute at events, conferences and speaking engagements.

  • Encourage reviews – positive reviews have a great impact on sales so encourage your peers to review via online platforms, journal book reviews or directly to their networks.

  • Register with Kudos – use of Kudos leads to higher downloads of full text on the publisher site. So register with Kudos, and share, share, share!
  • Build your author platform – Amazon Author Central offers a free service that provides the opportunity to share the most up-to-date information about yourself and your work.
  • Stay in touch! We’re always open to new ideas to reach our academic communities; send us an email at [email protected].

And, if you only have time to do a couple of things, then do the following:

  • Check that your own institutional library has a copy of your book.

  • Ask your co-authors/contributors to help with the promotion by forwarding a link to this webpage.