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Why write for Emerald?

Emerald as the publisher of choice

If you are researching, teaching or consulting in management, or if you are yourself a manager with something to say, our aim is to be the first choice as a publisher for you.

With over 300 journals in publication, mainly in business management but also covering economics, property research, materials science, librarianship and policing, we can probably offer a publication which fits your area of interest.

We believe that business research should be applied to the business world, and that it must communicate to managers in organizations. This means that we actively encourage applied research, case description and qualitative discussion and analysis as well as quantitatively based papers.

We all remember the first time we published, and we know that can be intimidating sometimes. We encourage in particular new researchers and first-time authors to come to us and much of the information carried on these web pages is aimed at making the scholarly publishing process accessible to a wide audience.

We believe in the value of authors from a wide range of nationalities, cultures and contexts. Although we only currently publish in the English language we encourage contributions from around the world. Looking through a few recent issues of our founding publication, Management Decision, I see papers from France, England, The Netherlands, Australia, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Scotland and Kuwait. Similarly, we encourage papers on management and management-related issues from other disciplines; the professions, sociology, anthropology, science, philosophy, psychology and so on.

And we believe in our authors. We offer what we believe are pragmatic, realistic and forward-looking attitudes on copyright. We provide, in the Emerald Literati Network, what we think is a unique service – something which has grown from prolonged investment over the years in our relationships with authors. We distribute our titles through a range of electronic media (as well as traditional print format) which gives very wide dissemination into universities and businesses worldwide.

But we don't just make these claims ourselves. We asked our authors what they thought of us, and why they like to publish with Emerald. Here's what a few of them said:

"Emerald... treats its contributors with respect."
Bruce Macfarlane, Canterbury Christ Church University College, UK

"I know and have experienced [Emerald's] genuine desire to appropriately place my work in a journal of relevance...this fallback position is extremely valuable to not only more regular contributors such as myself, but also inexperienced researchers that many of us are trying to mentor in our departmental and faculty roles. Keep up the good work."
Gael McDonald, UNITEC Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand

"My reason for publishing with Emerald is that the whole process of submitting and publishing has been the most hassle- free I have ever met (I published around 25 articles in my previous career as a geologist)."
Terry Finlow-Bates, Consultant, UK

"I think the big advantage as far as I am concerned is that your editors seem to be capable of getting a paper into print quite quickly. I have had papers published in Emerald journals in less than six months, whereas it is not unknown for journals elsewhere to take two years!"
David Moore, UMIST, UK

"Emerald represents a leading edge publisher of high quality academic and practitioner research and thinking. In my opinion, academic work that is solely theoretical in business and management is valueless if it does not have application value to industry. Similarly, practitioner-centric work that does not have some theoretical underpinning cannot stand the test of academic rigor. What I like about Emerald is that the editors and writers work in concert to blend both academically sound thinking with real-life applications to growing an organization. The end result: a series of journals that are first-rate in content and layout, easy to digest and a joy to showcase to readers. I would rank Emerald as among the finest publishers of management thinking anywhere in the world."
Larry Barton, President, DeVry Institute of Technology, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

"I like publishing with Emerald because it allows for a diversity of views. Such diversity is required, in my opinion, for the continued progress of society."
Clem Tisdell, University of Queensland, Australia

"I publish in a number of outlets, but I like Emerald particularly because of the combination of high quality and global orientation. This is a rare combination – there are many high quality journals, there are many with global orientation, but both at once is not so easy to find. I also like the many Emerald niche journals, where we can focus on issues that are quite important to researchers and managers within a narrow field (bank marketing, educational management, B2B marketing, distribution & logistics, retailing, etc.). Such narrow topics are probably not interesting to a wide enough audience to be accepted in generalist journals. These niche journals play a very important role."
Mark Speece, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

"I like to publish in Emerald journals because of their worldwide coverage which allows me to share my work internationally."
Ugur Yavas, East Tennessee State University, USA

"Emerald is very innovative in the area of electronic media including online journals and [the Emerald Fulltext database]."
Wesley J. Johnston, Georgia State University, USA

"Your journals publish within a healthy balance between rigour (academic) and relevance (practice)... The articles are also useful."
Alan Simon, Monash University, Australia

Whatever your field of research and/or practice, we would be pleased to hear from you. We can promise, I hope, fair and courteous and friendly treatment from our editors and support staff; an open ear to ideas, comment and criticism (no, we are not perfect!); and an opportunity to join with over 40,000 other authors worldwide as a member of the Emerald Literati Network – a real force, and a real voice for people who publish in management and related fields.

Please correspond directly with our editors – you can find details on our journal information pages – but please also feel free to come to my colleagues or myself with any questions or issues you may have.

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