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Emerald authors' frequently asked questions

  1. Q. My article has been accepted for publication in a particular Emerald journal. Can you tell me when it will appear?

    A. Please consult the online publication schedule for this volume.

  2. Q. I submitted an article some months ago and have had no response so far. Could you please inform me as to the whereabouts of my work?

    A. Please contact the editor via the journal information page. Links to the journal information pages are listed in the journal a-z index.

  3. Q. I wish to offer a recently completed article to you for publication in one of your journals. Could you please advise which journal the article would be best suited to and the acceptable formats for submissions?

    A. Please use the journal a-z index. Once you have decided which journal to target you should refer to the Author Guidelines on the journal information page for specific submission guidelines.

  4. Q. Could you please forward contact details for an editor or author?

    A. Editor contact details are available on the journal information page.
    We do not have authors' permission to release their details. Please e-mail the Emerald Literati Network and we will pass your message to the author concerned.

  5. Do you send out author proofs?

    A: Yes, during 2015 author proofs are being introduced. Please refer to the specific journal author guidelines for more information.

  6. Q. I have received copies of my article and noticed an error. How can I rectify this?

    A. Please contact the individual Content Editor – details available via the journal information page.

  7. Q. Could you please supply me with a features list, circulation figures and advertising rates?

    A. None of our journals take on-the-page advertising and these items are not prepared for any title.

  8. Q. Can I order additional journal copies and/or offprints? How do I do this?

    A. Please visit the Emerald licensing solutions page.

  9. Q. What are current lead times for a particular journal?

    A. Please contact the editor via the journal information page – the review process is under their control.

  10. Q. My paper was rejected and I wish to appeal. Who should I contact?

    A. Please contact the editor via the journal information page, as above.

  11. Q. My work is my intellectual asset – why should I sign over copyright to Emerald?

    A. In common with other publishers, Emerald needs copyright to fulfil the various distribution arrangements for the journals and fulltext database and ensure maximum dissemination – including via Emerald's innovative partnership and licensing arrangements – and proper archiving of your work. Assigning copyright to Emerald means we will deal with permissions request for you (although we try to contact authors to make sure they are happy with the request) and will fight on your behalf if you are the victim of plagiarism. At the same time, we never seek to restrict your right to make use of your own work. Check out:

  12. Q. Can I link to my published article on your website?

    A. To discuss any requirements you may have for hosting or redeploying the HTML or PDF version of your published article, please contact our permissions service staff  who will be happy to help you.