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What we're doing to make our web-based information and resources accessible to all users

It's our policy to make reasonable adjustments in order that all web-based information, services and learning resources on our websites is accessible to all our users. 

For content on this website, we aim to follow W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). W3C is the governing authority on web development standards and practices, and defines three accessibility levels in increasing levels of accessibility compliance: A, AA, and AAA.

We aim to make all public web pages meet level AA where possible, and have been implementing content measures to support this goal, including:

  • the provision of screen-readable copy alternatives in the case of infographics and podcasts
  • voiceovers on animated videos
  • a focus on contrast levels where text appears over hero images
  • removal of alt text where no relevant information in included in the image
  • removal of repeated 'read more' and 'find out more' anchor text
  • changing PDF content to HTML
  • minimisation of carousels and animations (work in progress)
  • content presentation that conforms to best practice

Please be aware that due to the large number of pages contained in this website, there may be some instances where pages do not conform to all the WCAG AA standard yet. To address this, we're establishing a roadmap for accessibility, the next step of which is to secure an RNIB audit of this site to check how we're doing, then to set out a plan for fixing any issues that are identified. If you've any questions, you can use the form below to send us a message.

Our roadmap

We'll be updating this page as each stage is reached, and will indicate what we're working on. Our last update was on 13 July 2021.

Action Timeline
RNIB audit of this website Taking place week commencing 12 July 2021
Commission an Aspire audit of our accessibility information We are reviewing the requirements, and are about to book in the audit
Align our accessibility roadmap with our commitment to the SDG Publishers Compact (and the UN Sustainable Development Goals) This step has been actioned; all dependent activities are ongoing
Create guidelines for inclusive writing, and maintain content standards that prescribe how we create accessible content This is work in progress
Assign additional development funding to resolving technical accessibility challenges Due to start in Q3/Q4 2021
Check and update this content on a monthly basis Ongoing

Got an accessibility question?

If you've got any questions or concerns about accessibility on this website – or you would like some content to be provided in a format that better suits your needs – please drop us a line here.

Someone will get back to you within five working days with a response.

Thank you.

If you have any questions about accessibility on Emerald Insight, you can find information and contact details on the platform accessibility page.

For general enquiries, please visit our contact page.

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