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Emerald Literati Awards

Celebrating high quality scholarly research

For over 25 years the Emerald Literati have celebrated and rewarded the outstanding contributions of authors and reviewers, not only to our journals and books, but to the body of knowledge itself. See our winners gallery on Facebook.

We have awards for:

  • Outstanding Paper Awards
  • Highly Commended Paper Awards
  • Outstanding Reviewer Awards
  • Outstanding Author Contribution Awards
Dr. Kim Minjun (right) received an Outstanding Paper Award

Outstanding and Highly Commended Paper Awards

The Outstanding Paper Awards have been the backbone of the Emerald Literati Awards for Excellence. The winners are chosen by a journal editorial team giving the winning authors confidence in knowing that their paper was one of the most impressive pieces of work from the previous year.

(Photo: Dr. Kim Minjun (right) received an Outstanding Paper Award)

Dr. Hilmi Atadil (left) received an Outstanding Reviewer Award

Outstanding Reviewer Awards

Reviewers are essential to the scholarly publishing process; academics rely on peer review to verify their research and add value to it through critical engagement before publication.

Reviewers are specialists in a given area of research and are well placed to assess the soundness of an author’s work and share their own knowledge.

(Photo : Dr. Hilmi Atadil (left) received an Outstanding Reviewer Award)

Wan-Yu Lui received an Outstanding Author Contribution Award

Outstanding Author Contribution Awards

The Outstanding Author Contribution Awards reward authors who have contributed something new or of significant value to the body of knowledge, either in terms of approach or subject matter.

(Photo: Wan-Yu Lui received an Outstanding Author Contribution Award)

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