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Eminent new team to edit the Information and Learning Science Journal

Journal will publish high-quality research at the scholarly nexus of information science and the learning sciences

Bingley, United Kingdom, 27 February 2018 - With effect from Volume 120, the re-launched Emerald Publishing Journal - Information and Learning Science - will be co-edited by two leading scholars in this inter-disciplinary domain, Dr Samuel Kai Wah Chu and Dr Rebecca B. Reynolds.
Dr Chu, Associate Professor, Division of Information and Technology Studies, Faculty of Education at the University of Hong Kong, is currently ranked globally as the top 66th author in relation to his publications in library and information science.
Throughout his career, he has received two PhDs in Education, one focusing on e-learning, and the other on information science; been involved in over 60 research/project grants (of which he was the Principal Investigator for over $4 million (USD) of grants); and is a member of the Humanities and Social Sciences Panel of the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong.  
Dr. Reynolds, Associate Professor of Library and Information Science in the School of Communication and Information (SC&I) at Rutgers – The State University of New Jersey USA, received her PhD in mass communication, with inter-disciplinary studies and a post-doctoral experience in information science from Syracuse University.  Her research has resulted in numerous top-tier journal articles and conference presentations, and her work has elicited over $450,000 (USD) in grant funding, including an early career development grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services under the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian program, whose support has contributed in part to the launch of this new journal.
Many leading scholars in the fields of the learning sciences and information science have offered strong support for the journal's launch, with Dr Chu and Dr Reynolds in the co-editorial position. 
Discussing the promise of this venture, Dr Cindy Hmelo-Silver, Barbara B. Jacobs Chair of Education and Technology and Professor of Learning Sciences at the University of Indiana, commented: "As a place for cross disciplinary conversation between information sciences and the learning sciences, this journal is unique. Currently, there is much overlap in constructs, but the fields are using differing languages for their complementary perspectives. There is no venue for this exploration at present."
This was echoed by Dr Gary Marchionini, Professor of Information Science at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, who said: "I believe there is need for a journal that spans the bounds of learning science and information science. For example, my own career has been guided by the belief that search is a learning function. This has proven to be quite useful in my own theory of information seeking and in explaining empirical results over the years."
Information and Learning Science builds upon the growing recognition of the many scholarly intersections occurring across both disciplines. The two domains stand to strengthen one another theoretically, methodologically and in the advance of system design innovations, and this opportunity has been noted in several scholarly venues dedicated to work at these intersections, including conference workshops, special journal volumes and articles.  An inter-disciplinary journal at this nexus stands to enrich scholarly and pragmatic understanding of inter-related phenomena involving inquiry, learning and information system design.
Dr Chu and Dr Reynolds will be joined by four associate editors; Dr June Ahn of New York University; Dr Eric Meyers of University of British Columbia; Dr Soo Young Rieh of University of Michigan; and Dr Hong Huang of University of South Florida.  The editors have established an advisory board of over 50 world-wide experts in information and learning sciences.   
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