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Editorial policy – Special Issues

Journal of Social Marketing
Date: 17 June 2015

Special issues serve an important role in developing the field of services marketing by identifying new and interesting trends and issues.  As such, the Journal of Services Marketing aims to offer two special issues each year.  Proposals for special issues should contain details of the background of the theme,  the need for a special issue, and a list of key topics which fit within the theme.


Special Issue proposals need to meet the following criteria:

• Inclusion of references that demonstrate evidence for both a managerial problem AND a theoretical gap in the services marketing literature.
• The theme must be interesting to the readers of the Journal of Services Marketing. The topics within the theme must assist in developing services marketing theory, and new thinking within the field.
• The theme must be broad enough to encourage at least 25 submissions.
• Contain two or three guest-editors (one can be a junior academic however there must be a senior academic involved), one page biographical details of the proposed guest-editors with any past editorial roles, and the top five publications in the last ten years for each proposed guest-editor.
• A list of 25 potential reviewers.
• A list of 20 services marketing researchers who undertake original research in this area, who may be interested in submitting papers.

The editorial policy of Journal of Services Marketing does not permit any guest editors of special issues to submit papers to their own special issue.  This preserves the integrity of the review process. Instead, guest editors are strongly encouraged to write a substantive editorial of 2000-4000 words on the special issue theme as their contribution.


We plan to have two special issues per year, the first being issue 1 of that year and the second being issue 4 (July) of that year.
Deadlines for submission: 6 months prior to submission date (July and January)

Submission dates: 30 June and 30 January