AAAJ virtual exceptional issues

The idea of this series is to provide an additional entry point into the rich back catalogue of AAAJ scholarship, mediated by people rather than search algorithms.

We will present publications grouped around broad themes, which will hopefully be useful for emerging and interdisciplinary researchers (and may also resurface some lesser-known gems for older hands).

Instead of providing a detailed discussion on each paper as the custom for an AAAJ special issue, each exceptional virtual issue will have a brief overview of the collection's overarching themes. This is intended to whet further the prospective reader's appetite for the feast of research on offer. 

Virtual issues

In each issue, we will showcase ten past AAAJ papers, and these will be complimentary access and made available by Emerald for one month. They will be located on the Emerald AAAJ website's particular section, and we will publicise them via our various social media outlets.

Warren Maroun and James Hazelton will prepare the AAAJ virtual exceptional issues.

More virtual issues will be added here during the coming months.