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Team Academy – trip to the wild west of management education

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Spreading the word

The concept behind TA has proved highly contagious, with many companies and schools in Finland adopting its approach, and small TAs are being generated all over western Europe.

In Paris, there is Team Factory (2006), while TA offshoots have started up in Holland (2007), in Spain (Labein Technalia, 2007, and the University of Mondragon, 2009), and there has been a one year pilot at the University of Essen using TA methods. All these are similar to the Finnish model, but have had to adapt to different cultures – enterprises work differently in different countries.

To be part of the TA brand, and to use its logo, involves going through the specially devised Team Mastery programme, which lasts from 12-18 months and involves six intensive meetings with a lot of practical work. Guidance continues to be given through visits and a 100 page manual with advice on different measurement criteria applying to the individual, the coach, the team and finances.

The anniversary of the founding of the TA idea, on January 15th, has become an important event and a chance for the 60-70 coaches to meet up. There's also a "sampler" three day Learning Expedition for newcomers interested to sample the coaching methods.

Photo: Figure 3. A presentation at Team Academy's annual conference.

Figure 3. A presentation at Team Academy's annual conference