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Has the iPad revolutionized education?

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A new age of learning?

In terms of size and functionality, the iPad lies half-way between the smartphone and the computer.

With a larger screensize than the former, and therefore more suitable for more tasks, it is more flexible than the latter in that it is not locked into one operating system with a number of bespoke pieces of software.

This means that you can personalize it by downloading task specific "apps" according to your need.

Apple's creation of apps, small pieces of specialist software for use on mobile devices (increasingly moving to computers as well), was arguably one of the most important developments in the history of computing.

It is in the power of the app, and the versatility created by the vast choice, that the real appeal of the iPad to educators lies. So much so that according to Kevin Kiley of Inside Higher Ed (2011), when the iPad was launched, some faculty and administrators believed that it heralded a new age of learning.