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Image: Emerald Group Publishing.

Emerald Group Publishing

This feed offers the latest research on management, sociology, education, LIS, CSR, sustainability, engineering, and a lot more.



Image: Emerald Management.

Emerald Information & Knowledge Management

Publisher responsible for information and knowledge management list including Internet Research, Information Technology & People, LIS book series and more.


Image: Emerald Management.

Emerald Management

Emerald Group Publishing's business & management titles include peer-reviewed academic and applied research on topics of business management and leadership.


Image: Emerald Operations & Logistics.

Emerald Operations & Logistics

Emerald’s Operations & Logistics portfolio features long-established, world renowned academic publications covering all aspects of OM, SCM, logistics and MOT.


Image: Emerald Built Environment.

Emerald Built Environment

Emerald's Built Environment collection has strength in areas such as construction, property management, sustainable development and more!


Image: Emerald Marketing.

Emerald Marketing

One of the largest collections of marketing research in the world, with one article downloaded every 10 seconds across the globe.


Image: Emerald Health Care Management.

Emerald Health Care Management

Emerald's Health Care Management journals and books cover all key issues in the field, including leadership, management, quality and health education.


Image: Emerald Transport.

Emerald Transport

Tweets about books that address topical issues facing transportation professionals and government departments.


Image: Emerald Environment.

Emerald Environment

Emerald's Environment books and journals cover key areas in the field, including climate change, energy and sustainability.


Image: Emerald HRM.

Emerald HRM

Emerald's HRM collection addresses key issues within the field, including diversity and inclusion, gender, organizational psychology and labour economics.


Image: Emerald Business Ethics.

Emerald Business Ethics

The collection includes authors from among the world's leading business schools and corporations; including IESE Business School (Spain), Princeton University (USA) and Cranfield School of Management (UK).


Image: Emerald Health & Social Care.

Emerald Health & Social Care

Journals for academics, practitioners & professionals in health & social care and allied fields - intellectual disabilities, mental health, safeguarding & more.


Image: Emerald Economics.

Emerald Economics

Tweeting recent publications and industry ruminations, often (but not always) within the field of Economics. Do follow.


Image: Emerald Strategy.

Emerald Strategy

Emerald Group Publishing Limited - sharing Strategy info from academic research, the media, higher education and notifying followers of related news and events.


Image: Emerald Sociology.

Emerald Sociology

Emerald's Sociology and Public Policy portfolio publishes journals and books in a range of subject areas. Visit our website or leave us a message for more info.


Image: Emerald Tourism.

Emerald Tourism

International Publisher of books and journals in Tourism & Hospitality research. A paper is downloaded every minute worldwide.


Image: Emerald Accounting & Finance.

Emerald Accounting & Finance

Sharing information on academic research in accounting and finance, as well as higher ed, journal rankings and the latest news in social media


Image: Emerald Education.

Emerald Education

Emerald's Education Research journals and books.


Image: Emerald Enterprise.

Emerald Enterprise

Emerald's Enterprise and Innovation portfolio publishes journals and books. Social Enterprise, Small Business, Innovation, Gender and Entrepreneurship.


Image: Emerald Library.

Emerald Library

Regularly attend ALA, IFLA and Internet Librarian International. Publishes References Services Review, Library Management, Library Hi Tech and more



Image: Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies.

Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies

Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies is an online collection of peer-reviewed case studies focusing on business and management in global emerging markets.


Image: Aslib.


ASLIB is a membership association for people who manage information and knowledge in organizations, who are not necessarily librarians.


Image: Emerald Management First.

Emerald Management First

Debbie Hepton brings you the latest and greatest ideas and news on digital issues, management, leadership, strategy, innovation, HR, knowledge & quality.


Image: Emerald Books.

Emerald Books

News and views on business and management academia and publishing from Emerald Group Publishing.



Image: Emerald Algerie.

Emerald Australasia

News, features and updates for the Australasia region.


Image: Emerald Algerie.

Emerald Algerie

Emerald Publishing is dedicated to supporting research in Algeria. Publish in our journals! Almost all our eBooks and eJournals are accessible in Algeria.


Image: Emerald America Latina.

Emerald America Latina

Editorial líder en investigación global en áreas de gestión. Editora líder em pesquisa global em áreas de gestão. Faz parte do Portal Periódicos da Capes.


Image: Western Europe.

Western Europe

Emerald's Western Europe Team - point of contact for all clients in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Monaco.


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