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Image: International Journal of Disruptive Innovation in Government.

International Journal of Disruptive Innovation in Government

ISSN: 2516-4392

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Logo: UAE: The Cabinet.
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Delivered by Emerald Publishing Services in association with the Prime Minister's Office at the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, United Arab Emirates


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Content Editor

Editorial Board

  • Professor Rodney McAdam, Department of Management, Leadership and Marketing, Ulster University
  • Professor Pervaiz Ahmed, Management School, Monash Univeristy, Malaysia
  • Manin Kaur-Patton, Executive Director, Pivotal Impact, Singapore
  • Peter Merrill, Quest Management Inc, USA
  • Professor Enrique Dans, IE Business School, Madrid, Spain
  • Maurizio Sibaud, Digital Transformation Advisor, Milan, Italy
  • Miroslav Lorenc, Department of Management, Faculty of Business Administration, The University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Professor Joern Grahl, Information Systems, Digital Transformation, Analytics,  University of Cologne, Germany
  • Nicola Mezzetti, Innovation & Quality Management Consultant/Digital Transformation Strategist, TomorrowData, Italy