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Emerald Awards.

2018/2019 Emerald/University of the West Indies
Student Ambassador Award

Watch the webinar

  • Image: Webinar.
  • Watch the webinar and find out more about this initiative.

Emerald Publishing in partnership with The University of the West Indies – UWI libraries is promoting the 2018/2019 – Emerald/The University of the West Indies Student Ambassador Award.

The aim is to encourage students to develop their information literacy skills by creating a creative project using Emerald Insight publications and resources.

Award prize

The best project will receive USD$500, an Emerald/The University of the West Indies Student Ambassador t-shirt and a winner's certificate.

The second and third best projects will receive a highly commended certificate and an Emerald/The University of the West Indies Student Ambassador T-shirt.

Project guidelines

Based on Emerald Insight publications and resources, participants must create a project in any format choosing one (1) of the following themes:

  • Importance of modern technological tools in research, teaching & learning;
  • Issues of academic integrity;
  • How can social media be used to enhance library services to the academic community?;
  • The role of libraries in research, teaching & learning in the academic community?

Project format

  • The project format is up to you. It could be a video, animation, podcast, poster, presentation, art piece, essay, carton, rap, dance, song, cartoon, poem… let your creativity flow!
  • Videos should be a max of 3 mins, written pieces 500 words max. and 4 sheets of A4 if a pictorial work
  • Filesize limit 5MB max.

Note: FOR VIDEOS format only – If your file exceeds 5MB, we recommend uploading it on WeTransfer or GoogleDrive.
Upload a .doc or .txt file with the video download link on your application form below.
When using GoogleDrive or a similar app, remember to set the link permissions to a public view.


  • Student must be a year two undergraduate, enrolled in any of the four UWI campuses.
  • Projects can be individual or in group, although the prize money is per project submission.
  • Each student may submit ONLY one (1) project.

Evaluation criteria

Use your imagination! The judging committee is looking for originality and creativity.

Here are some things to consider when developing your project:

  • How is your piece original and relevant to The University of the West Indies (The UWI) Triple A Strategy 2017-2022?
  • Make sure you are clear and consistent when presenting your project objective.
  • What Emerald Insight features could be used to develop and/or deliver your project?
  • How would you demonstrate proficiency of information literacy (IL) skills? E.g. accurate use of a citation style; inclusion of permalinks to Emerald resources; articles referenced are appropriate for topic; etc.
  • What equipment do you have to hand?
  • How long do you need to execute your final piece?
  • How will your project resonate with your peers?
  • Does your piece have longevity or is it capturing the zeitgeist?
  • Does your piece have any practical implications to the UWI community?
  • If you win, we may want to share your idea/piece across the UWI and the Caribbean. How will this work?
  • Don’t be afraid to justify to the judging committee why you think your project should win.

The deadline seems far away now; yet once we pass the Christmas break the time will fly! Start soon and continue working on your project throughout the year.

Key dates

  • Submissions deadline: 29th March 2019 – project submissions will be accepted until 11: 59 p.m. EST.
  • Winners Announced: 10th May 2019

More information

For any queries about this award, please contact:

Emerald Team
Tel: +55 (11) 2371.8101

UWI libraries team

Upload your project

In case your project is from a group, please assign one (1) member to be the point of contact and fill out the information below with his/her details. Please ensure that all group members are listed within the final piece.

Details of Student

How have you heard of this award. If from a professor, please include his/her name here*:

You can read the full information about how we use personal data in our updated privacy notice. If you would prefer not to receive communications from us at any point, apart from those pertaining to the Emerald/The University of the West Indies Student Ambassador Award, you can simply click the 'unsubscribe' link in any email you receive from us.


Files must be in .doc, .txt, .pdf, .ppt, .mp4 or .zip format, file size no larger than 5Mb