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Films to accompany the special issue
Celebrating excellence in audio-visual representations in market research
(vol. 13 no. 1, 2010)

Guest editors: Marylouise Caldwell and Paul Henry
University of Sydney, Australia

"The submissions in the special issue are of exceptional quality, attesting to the originality and skill and of the contributors. The submissions illustrate some of the diverse ways in which audio-visual representations feature in consumer research. (Guest Editors)"

Video: Trash in the eye of the beholder.

A fascinating account of how and why functional hoarders accumulate possessions. This exploratory research features in-depth interviews with eight functional hoarders and reveals that three main drivers underpin functional hoarding.

A study of hoarding behavior and attachment to material possessions
Hélène Cherrier and Tresa Ponnor

Video: Behind closed doors: Opportunity identification through observational research.

Demonstrating the combined use of video-recording and observation in effectively collecting and conveying consumer data likely to foster product innovation. The film captures a family consuming a range of everyday products in unexpected, original and useful ways.

Behind closed doors: Opportunity identification through observational research
Cynthia Webster, Richard Seymour and Kate Daellenbach

Video: Naturalistic group interviewing in China.

The video illustrates the application of techniques useful for collecting rich conversational data when conducting focus groups in China.

Naturalistic group interviewing in China
Anders Bengtsson and Giana Eckhardt

Video: Cross-border shopping: Family narratives.

A fascinating series of insights into the way Mexican families construct family identity via cross-border shopping.

Cross-border shopping: Family narratives
Raquel Castaño, María Eugenia Pérez and Claudia Quintanilla

Video: Whose street is it anyway?

Exploring the potential of auto-ethnography in video-ethnographic research, the film focuses on a single community in South East London and incorporates the director’s voice and the voices of other inhabitants who are the consumers of The High Street.

Whose street is it anyway? Visual ethnography and self-reflection
Marta Rabikowska

Video: Urban Archetypal Hedonistas.

Explores how market researchers can develop audio-visual representations of consumers likely to resonate with market practitioners and thereby engender a consumer orientation. 

Constructing audio-visual representations of consumer archetypes
Marylouise Caldwell, Paul Henry and Ariell Alman