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International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month celebrates the achievements of women, whilst also striving to achieve gender parity and acknowledgement for women all around the world.

The World Economic Forum estimates that it will take until 2133 to achieve global gender parity in the workplace; that's a total of 117 years from now! A long time to wait, we're sure you'll agree, so in support of International Women’s Day and with the aim of bringing gender parity closer, we have created this page to celebrate the equal opportunity milestones influential women have achieved.

Over hundreds of years, women’s rights activists, politicians, poets, musicians, scientists and humanitarians – to name a few - have encouraged new societal norms and had a positive impact around the world for women of today. In honour of these women, we have gathered some famous quotes and put them into this short quiz for you to take part in and share with your peers.

Emerald is committed to producing research with real world impact. To provide recent insight into the workplace and help to accelerate gender parity, we have made the following articles on women’s positive and negative experiences within the workplace free to access until 8 April 2016.

We also have a virtual issue of research articles on the theme of gender, politics and society available here. The articles will be free to view until 7 April 2016.

Research Media

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Research Media, part of the Emerald Global Group of Companies, has a wealth of information available to you about women in science. Click here for more information.


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GoodPractice, part of the Emerald Global Group of companies has written this blog about how organizations can maximize the potential of their female talent pool. Click here for more information.

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