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Action Learning Workshop


If you want to learn how to be an experiential educator or if you are simply looking for more action-learning activities to bring to the class room, join the Jerry & Vickie Moyes Center for Supply Chain Excellence for a 3-day action-learning workshop. We will discuss the following:
 - How to flip the classroom to improve student preparation and learning
 - How to use think-pair-share activities to increase engagement
 - How to teach with cases, including student-led case pedagogies
 - How to bring action-learning exercises and games into the classroom
 - How to cultivate an action-learning culture that promotes purposeful practice


 - Enhance student engagement
 - Improve learning outcomes
 - Get better teaching evaluations
 - Have more fun in the classroom

Cost: $450 Faculty    $100 PhD Student

We Can Help

Stan Fawcett and  the Jerry & Vickie Moyes Center for Supply Chain Excellence invite you to participate for an in-depth, 3-day action learning workshop.
Where: Zermatt Resort, nestled in Utah’s beautiful Wasatch Mountains.
When: May 9-11, 2019

Space is limited.

Stan Fawcett, an award winning teacher will lead this interactive action-learning workshop.
John B. Goddard Endowed Chair in Global Supply Chain Management
Professor of Impact Award, University of San Diego Masters of Science in SCM
Outstanding Teacher of the Year, Management Department, BYU’s Marriott School
Teaching Innovation Award—CSCMP Educators’ Conference


Published Teaching Innovations:

“The ‘Living’ Case: Structured Story Telling to Increase Student Interest, Interaction, and Learning,” DSJIE, 2011, 9(2): 287-298.
“The PB&J Challenge: Using Value-Stream Mapping to Drive Learning Loops,” DSJIE, 2010, 8(1): 257-268
Best Teaching Brief: “The Art of War: Managing the Intricacies of Power and Trust,” DSJIE, 2009, 7(1): 239-247.
Best Teaching Brief: “The Supply Chain Puzzle Game: Highlighting Behavioral Issues in SCM,” DSJIE, 2006, 4(2): 337-342.