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Special Issue: ChemSex - Apps, drugs and the right to pleasure

Read the introduction to this Special Issue of Drugs and Alcohol Today by the Guest Editor, Marcus Day

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Free access to this special issue

Available until the 31st of March

"Chemsex: origins of the word, a history of the phenomenon and a respect to the culture",

by David Stuart

"Chemsex experiences: narratives of pleasure",

by Maitena Milhet, Jalpa Shah, Tim Madesclaire, and Laurent Gaissad

"Yes, has no meaning if you can’t say no: consent and crime in the chemsex context",

by Stephen Morris

"What is sober sex and how to achieve it?",

by Remziye Kunelaki

"The psychological roots of chemsex and how understanding the full picture can help us create meaningful support", by Katie Evans

"Too painful to think about: chemsex and trauma",

by Stephen Morris

"The problematic chemsex journey: a resource for prevention and harm reduction",

by Tom Platteau, Roger Pebody, Nia Dunbar, Tim Lebacq, and Ben Collins

*We would like to thank the guest editors, contributors and reviewers who helped bring this special issue to light. By raising awareness and challenging current thinking, we further our ambitions for a better world.


Drugs and Alcohol Today welcome submissions and special issue suggestions that highlight and challenge the obstacles facing drug and alcohol abuse. If you would like to contribute, please contact the editors below. If you would like to be involved in another capacity, we are currently recruiting reviewers. For more information see here.

Axel Klein
Global Drug Observatory, Swansea University, UK,

Blaine Stothard
Independent Consultant, UK