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Emerald journal news

Thank you to our 2018 reviewers for TC

On behalf of the Editor for Therapeutic Communities, we would like to thank the following referees for their contribution to the success of this Journal. Without their support and commitment we would be unable to maintain the high standard of TC.

  •  Melinda Beckwith
  •  David Best
  •  Martin Bhurruth
  •  Matteo Biaggini
  •  Julia Blazdell
  •  Jenelle Clarke
  •  George de Leon
  •  Genevieve Dingle
  •  Kevin Gallagher
  •  Rex Haig
  •  Maria Rita Infurna
  •  Monica Lawson
  •  Jan Lees
  •  Anita Lightburn
  •  Lynne Magor-Blatch
  •  Iain McPhee
  •  Gerry Melnick
  •  Jan Naert
  •  Frances O'Callaghan
  •  Kristen Paquette
  •  Cassandra Perryman
  •  Douglas Polcin
  •  Beverly Powis
  •  Kleopatra Psarraki
  •  Barbara Rawlings
  •  Beatriz Sanchez Curtis
  •  Helen Spandler
  •  Adrian Ward
  •  Keith Warren
  •  Emma  Wildgoose
  •  Laura Winn
  •  Rowdy Yates

There are many benefits in becoming a reviewer for Therapeutic Communities, such as free personal access for up to 40 Emerald journal articles (learn more). If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for TC please contact the Editor below.

Gary Winship

University of Nottingham, UK