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Housing Quality Network Special Edition

In May 2018, HQN hosted a health and housing conference designed to highlight the potential contribution of the social housing sector to solving the crisis in primary health care. We felt inspired by the success of the event to publicise the issues more widely, and so a number of contributors agreed to work together to produce papers that reflected the ideas discussed on the day.

We were keen to move beyond existing discussions about integrated delivery into considering some new ideas around the future use of publicly-owned assets, the better coordination of a publicly funded workforce and the impact of fragmentation.

The five papers reflect upon how, by using existing NHS assets, we can address the affordable supply crisis facing lower paid workers, such as those in the NHS; how the fragmentation of public services across government departments is damaging services and inhibiting integration; and how coordinated workforce planning across health and specialist housing will yield a more stable supply of compassionate health workers.

Finally, we celebrate two initiatives in partnership working: one in the North and one in the South, which reflect the best in innovation and a shared will to make a difference.

Special Issue: Housing, care and health: bridging the gap

Editor: Patricia Dearnaley

The special issue articles have been made freely available until December 31st.

"Health, social care and housing: facing a wicked problem",
by Patricia Dearnaley

"Collaboration between housing, health and social care",
by Tim Brown

"Housing and health – a shared history, a shared future",
by Andrew van Doorn and Patricia Dearnaley

"Improving equality in healthcare for people with learning disabilities: a joint working approach between housing and hospital",
by Alice Owen

"Partnership in action: forging a new approach",
by Sarah Roxby

"Challenging times: building a health, housing and social care local workforce strategy",
by Patricia Dearnaley and Joanne E. Smith