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Emerald journal news

Winners of 2017 Emerald/HETL Education Outstanding Doctoral Research Award Announced

Emerald Publishing and the Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (HETL) are delighted to announce the winners of the Outstanding Doctoral Research Award, which recognizes excellence in research in the field of education.


Dr Pawel Atroszko

Dissertation Title: The structure of study addiction: Selected risk factors and the relationship with stress, stress coping and psychosocial functioning
Institution: University of Gdansk
Doctoral Mentor: Mieczyslaw Ciosek

Highly Commended

Dr Yoshitaka Nakakoji

Dissertation Title: The Mathematics and Science Nexus and the Transfer of Mathematical Learning at University
Institution: The University of Sydney
Doctoral Mentor: Rachel Wilson

Dr Pilar Gomez del Rey

Dissertation Title: Quality Evaluation in Education: Two Measurement Instruments for Virtual Environments
Institution: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Doctoral Mentor: Elena Barbera and Francisco Fernandez Navarro

Emerald would like to thank the following members of the judging panel, co-ordinated by Dr Patrick Blessinger, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education.

- Dr Tina Bass, Coventry University, UK
- Dr Patrick Blessinger, St John's University, USA
- Dr Angelito Calma, University of Melbourne, Australia
- Dr Barbara Cozza, St John's University, USA
- Dr Nancy Hensel, The New American Colleges and Universities, USA
- Dr Cath Jones, University of Glamorgan, UK
- Dr Corinne Laverty, Queen's University Canada
- Dr Enakshi Kapur, The American University of Kurdistan, Iraq
- Dr Krassie Petrova, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
- Dr Luisa Soares, University of Madeira, Portugal
- Dr Rana Zeine, Saint James School of Medicine, Caribbean Netherlands

Congratulations to all the winners!