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Outstanding Reviewer Award Winner

Become a reviewer for SSCI ranked journal and get recognition!

Data Technologies and Applications recognizes the hard work of our reviewers and every year the editor selects those who have contributed to the success of the journal to receive the Outstanding Reviewer Award.

Emerald’s Cristina Irving Turner meets Dr Janeth Chicaiza, 2017 Outstanding Reviewer for Data Technologies and Applications at her home institution, Universidad Particular de Loja (UTPL), Ecuador.

If you want to become a reviewer or join the Editorial Board for Data Technologies and Applications take a look at the requirements below and express an interest to the journal Editor-in-Chief, Professor Miguel-Angel Sicilia, at:  

Please include your current CV.

Reviewer requirements

  • The applicant must hold PhD (doctoral) degree, or have a relevant professional experience that includes research work
  • The applicant must have good experience in his/her research field
  • The research field of the applicant must be relevant to one or several of the topics of the journal
  • The responsibility of reviewers is to evaluate the quality, relevance (within the scope of the journal), and merit of submitted papers. Reviews should be as complete and detailed as possible and contain clear opinions about strengths, weaknesses, relevance, and importance to the field based on objective criteria.

Editorial Board member requirements (3-year term)

Editorial Board members should have an excellent background in one or several of the topics of the journal, and be involved in current research in some of them. EB members should have a good record of publications in impact factor journals and have demonstrated merit in supervising PhD students and leading research projects. Concretely, candidates should have:

  • Demonstrated and recognized expertise in some of the topics of the journal
  • Commitment to advancing science and technology, and maintaining high journal standards
  • A network in the topics of the journal
  • Editorial experience (preferred but not required)
  • EB members should play an active role in promoting the journal to authors and readers, and eventually in coordination with the journal management, soliciting or contributing manuscripts. They should also provide expertise, advice, and assessment assistance to the editors and contribute to developing the editorial vision and policies of the journal.

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