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Call for Special Issue Guest co-Editor: “Creating an evidence-base for healthcare policy”

Dr Theo Gavrielides

About the Journal

The International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare (IJHRH) is an international, peer reviewed journal with a unique practical approach to promoting equality, inclusion and human rights in health and social care.  The journal publishes scholarly and double blind peer-reviewed papers of the highest standard, including case studies and book reviews. IJHRH aims include:
•    To explore what is currently known about discrimination and disadvantage with a particular focus on health and social care
•    Push the barriers of the equality discourse by identifying new avenues for practice and policy
•    Create bridges between policymakers, practitioners and researchers
•    Identify and understand the social determinants of health equity and practical interventions to overcome barriers.

Call for a Guest co-Editor

Over the last 5 years, in the UK, USA and internationally, we have witnessed a wave of policy, legislative and institutional changes in public health care provision. For example, in the name of austerity, in the UK, attempts have been made to reform the National Health Service, while in the USA the current administration has pledged to revert what the previous government offered through Obamacare. At the same time, countries such as Canada, Sweden and Finland have taken the opposite direction putting an emphasis on the equal distribution of public wealth through the provision of health and social services.

This international debate is yet to be informed by scholars. The Editor-in-Chief issues this Call for a Guest co-Editor to jointly work on a Special Issue that will allow the development of evidence driven and evidence based policy particularly within the context of current reforms in public healthcare provision in the UK and internationally. The IJHRH puts emphasis on issues of equality, race and human rights.

The Special Issue will be published in 2019 and will include at least six double blind peer reviewed research papers, as well as opinion pieces, case studies and reviews.

The Guest co-Editor will work with the Editor to solicit papers for the Issue, facilitate and manage the peer review process, co-author the Editorial and provide strategic direction. The Guest co-Editor will also work closely with the Publisher and Content Editor, ensuring that deadlines and the Journal’s high publishing standards are met.

How to Apply
•    Email the Editor, Professor Theo Gavrielides, with a short statement supporting your application as well as your CV and a list of publications.

For further information
Please see the journal homepage: or contact the editor.