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Emerald journal news

New Editor Announcement

We are pleased to introduce the two new Editors-in-Chief for Engineering Computations, following the excellent work undertaken by Professor Owen. 

  • Professor Eduardo de Souza Neto, Swansea University
  • Professor Chenfeng Li, Swansea University

Professor Eduardo A de Souza Neto’s work has been focussed on computational mechanics and computational engineering, with particular emphasis on finite element technology, computational plasticity and constitutive modelling in general. Over the last few years his research has been focussed on theoretical and computational aspects of multiscale modelling of solids with a particular view to the development of new materials.

Prof Chenfeng Li’s research work covers a wide range of topics in computational engineering, including computational solid mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, probabilistic engineering, computer graphics and software engineering. In addition, he has been continually involved in practical and more applied research topics related to composite materials, engineering structures, and various applications related to the oil & gas and the nuclear energy industries.

The Editors note:
“Engineering Computations presents its readers with broad coverage across all branches of engineering and science of the latest development and application of new solution algorithms, innovative numerical methods and/or solution techniques directed at the utilization of computational methods in engineering analysis, engineering design and practice.

A recent market research has shown the global market for engineering software to be worth about US$ 20 Bn (2014 figure), which mainly includes Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software (valued at US$ 8-9 Bn), Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) software (valued at US$ 4-5 Bn) and others (e.g. architecture, manufacturing, and electronic design etc. with a combined valuation of US$ 6-8 Bn). The CAE software family covers mainly FEM (Finite Element Methods) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) applications, which are of similar market sizes. The CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of the CAD software market is about 8-9% currently, while the CAGR for CAE software is about 15%.

With the rapid growth of the commercial side of this wide research field, we believe there is more exciting research output to come at a faster pace which, more than ever, will demand extensive international and inter-disciplinary collaboration. Engineering Computations aims to serve as an ideal platform to assist, facilitate and accelerate this process.”

We welcome submissions for the journal, along with proposals for special issues and expressions of interest in joining the team as an advisory board member or reviewer. To submit a paper, please see the journal’s author guidelines at 

Sincere thanks go to Professor Owen and Editorial Assistant Glenice Power who is also stepping down, for their commitment to the journal over the years, and a warm welcome to the new Editors-in-Chief.