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Emerald journal news

JET welcomes the new editors for 2017

The Journal of Assistive Technologies has changed its name to the Journal of Enabling Technologies from 2017. The new name emphasises the main aim of the journal which has always been to provide a strong, insightful, international, and multi-disciplinary evidence base in health, social care, and education about how technologies can be enabling for children, young people and adults in many different aspects of their lives. Although the name has changed, the focus remains firmly on reporting innovations about how technologies are used and evaluated in practice, and the impact that they have on the people using them.

Along with the change of name, the journal welcomes two new editors: Professor Sarah Parsons from the University of Southampton, and Dr. John Woolham from Kings College London. They said, ‘We are delighted to take on the editorial role for this important journal. We very much welcome contributions that demonstrate the enabling potential of technologies in people’s everyday lives.’

To celebrate, the folowing articles are on free access from 26th January- 28th Feburary 2017:

Empirical studies on the effectiveness of assistive technology in the care of people with dementia: a systematic review:
Fall detectors: a review of the literature:

The internet: a comfortable communication medium for people with Asperger syndrome (AS) and high functioning autism (HFA)?:

An interface to virtual environments for people who are blind using Wii technology ‐ mental models and navigation:

Can smartphones support inclusion for autism in mainstream?

Can iDevices help teaching assistants support pupils with ASD?