Emerald news - Dr. Louise Manning edits special issue of the British Food Journal

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Emerald journal news

Dr. Louise Manning edits special issue of the British Food Journal

Harper Adams senior lecturer Dr. Louise Manning had edited a special issue for the British Food Journal on the topic of food and supply chain integrity.
This special issue explores the application of the multiple disciplines of food science, food safety and quality, criminology, business theory (including general business disciplines, corporate governance, stakeholder analysis, corporate social responsibility) and wider subjects such as sustainable development, public policy and human attitudes and behaviour.

The issue is availiable now at: http://bit.ly/2hEvYzT

In an interview with Harper Adams University, Dr. Manning said,  “Globally food integrity, authenticity, traceability and food safety are major consumer concerns and present a challenge for the food industry."

“A real highlight for me is that the range of work is truly multidisciplinary with work on identifying food adulteration itself right through to technical papers from industry and conceptual papers on how to take the theories forward."

to read the full interview, see http://www.harper-adams.ac.uk/news/202962/harper-adams-senior-lecturer-edits-international-food-journal#.WFO69vmLSUl