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Special issue on Digital Currencies published in association with the 2nd International Workshop P2P Financial Systems 2016

2nd International Workshop P2P Financial Systems 2016
8-9 September 2016, University College London, United Kingdom

The Journal of Risk Finance is pleased to be publishing a special issue on Digital Currencies in association with the 2nd International Workshop P2P Financial Systems 2016, held between 8 and 9 September at the University College London.
This second edition of the P2PFISY workshop brought together scholars, regulators and practitioners interested in the P2P economics aiming at bridging the gap between academics, technologists, policy makers, regulators and FinTech addressing questions of practical importance on: Digital currencies and Blockchain technologies; P2P lending and Crowdfunding; Digital Money Transfer and Mobile Banking and Mobile Payments.

Guest edited by Paolo Tasca from the University College London, the special issue will specifially cover the following topics:

  • Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technologies
  • Cryptographic protocols and P2P networks
  • Central bank digital currencies (payment and monetary aspects)
  • Threats / attacks / defences / security engineering of P2P systems
  • Systemic risk of P2P systems
  • Digital identification
  • Fraud detection and financial crime prevention
  • Legal aspects and regulatory issues
  • Financial inclusion and market stability
  • Socio-economic and monetary aspects of P2P systems
  • Technology adoption and market dynamics
  • New business models and novel applications

The special issue will likely publish in 2017. The full programme is available at For queries including the special issue, please contact Paolo Tasca at