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Special issue in Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research

Bullying and Peer violence in secure settings

The Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research is pleased to announce that the special issue on Bullying and Peer violence in secure settings has been published.

While there is a substantial amount of research investigating bullying in schools, research on bullying and peer violence in secure settings (e.g. prisons, secure care homes, forensic psychiatric facilities) is still limited. Living in secure settings of any kind however, implies operating in a more or less inescapable social system. Such a special nature of the ‘institutional’ social context, together with individual characteristics of its residents, makes bullying and/or peer violence in institutions arguably more complex than school bullying and worth separate investigation and preventative strategies.

The new research in this special issue aims to advance our understanding of bullying and peer violence amongst those detained in secure settings. It suggests specific policy implications to address bullying occurring in such environments and includes brand new, cutting edge research from prominent authors.

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