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Special Issue information: Translating Research into Policy to Advance Correctional Health

Forthcoming special issue for The International Journal of Prisoner Health

In early 2017 The International Journal of Prisoner Health will be publishing a special issue in the field of correctional health.

While there is growing evidence-based literature in topics related to correctional health, the direct translation of this knowledge into concrete policy recommendations is scant. This issue on 'Translating Research into Policy to Advance Correctional Health' will comprise a collection of evidence-based policy briefs addressing correctional health issues in order to address the gap between actual correctional health policy and evidence-based approaches derived from the scientific literature.

This issue will present several evidence-based policy briefs developed by members of the University of California Criminal Justice & Health Consortium and others in order to fill that void and to exemplify how medical, social science and public health research can have a direct bearing on policy recommendations to improve correctional healthcare.

Themes in this special issue may include, but are not limited to:
•    Addiction
•    Harm Reduction
•    Geriatrics and Prisoner Aging
•    Infectious Diseases
•    Women’s Health
•    Health in the Juvenile Justice System
•    Correctional Officer Health

Special issue guest editors

Brie Williams
University of California San Francisco

Scott Allen
University of California Riverside

Craig Haney
University of California Santa Cruz

Josiah Rich
Brown University

Cyrus Ahalt
University of California San Francisco

Submission criteria and review policy for the issue

Submissions should adhere to the following word limits:the main body of the text (not including title page, references, tables and figures should no exceed 2,500 words; all text (including title page, main body of the text, references, tables and figures) should not exceed 7,000 words. Please limit references to a maximum of 20.

Submissions should include an abstract of no more than 150 words, a background section, a recommendations section, and a brief conclusion. Authors may use additional sub-headings as needed.

Please also include a text box with no more then 3 key points (main points and/or recommendations). Additional tables and figures are also permitted.

The deadline for submissions is end August 2016.
To read the author guidelines before submitting please see:

Submissions to the International Journal of Prisoner Health are made using ScholarOne Manuscripts. Registration and access is available at:

For any general queries on the Journal please contact the publisher Jo Sharrocks: