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Organizational Risk, Fraud, Forensics, Anti-Money Laundering Laws & Controls and Corporate Corruption

Special issue call for papers from Managerial Auditing Journal

Guest Editors

Professor Jagdish Pathak PhD, CPA, CFF, CFE, CISA
Professor of Accountancy & Systems
Odette School of Business,
University of Windsor, Canada

What the issue is about

This issue will embrace the broad areas of fraud and forensics from corporate and internal audit perspectives. The growth of ERP usage in business information management, e-commerce (all facets), cloud storage and internet-as-service technologies have made current and future fraudulent reporting and corporate fraud by various entities and personnel more complex than before. Anti-money laundering (AML) is another important aspect of financial crimes where perpetrators make abundant use of information technology to hide the proceeds of crime. Although these topics are broad potential authors might have some cognate research directly relevant to the broadly defined community of auditors, researchers and professionals in the field. All research paradigms and methodologies including specific case studies are welcome as are short research notes on related developing issues of future research interest.

The special issue is aimed at the following topics:

  • Digital financial forensics
  • Various forensic tools and applications in fraud related matters
  • Fraudulent financial reporting and role of Enterprise Systems
  • Internal controls in Cloud processing and storage of financial/non-financial data
  • DSS used in fraud auditing of corporate malfeasance
  • Corporate espionage and role of information technology
  • Competitive intelligence and cloud computing
  • Organisational vulnerabilities, risk, and cyber crime
  • Use of various emerging technologies in fraud and forensic examinations
  • Artificial intelligence, neural networks, and fuzzy logic based applications to assist external/internal auditors
  • Corporate Corruption and Bribery in developing and developed nations
  • Use of Shell companies to launder proceeds of crime
  • Corporate Corruption vis a vis Tax Evasion
  • Financial Crimes in the Corporate and Public sectors


Submission deadline: January 31, 2018
Papers reviewed: May 1, 2018
Revised papers reviewed and accepted: June 30, 2018
Final versions of accepted papers delivered: July 15, 2018
Accepted issue number (optional): to be decided

Deadlines and applications

Please read the publication style guidelines before submitting your paper
Go here to register/or log on to submit your paper to ScholarOne
If you have any question about the special issue or your intended submission, please contact the guest editor.

More about the special issue

Leonard McCarthy, Vice President for Integrity of the World Bank, outlines eight ideas for advancing the World Bank Group’s anti-corruption work and influencing the global anti-corruption movement and says inter alia, “Some of the analytical work and insights derived from investigations, forensic audits, INT’s compliance program, and our preventive function should be shared with counterparts in government, donors and other stakeholders in a more structured and timely fashion”.

More information on the Guest Editor

Professor Jagdish Pathak has been involved with teaching, training, research, and consultancy since 1980 having published more than three dozen academic and scholarly research papers and books in the domain of auditing, controls and systems, including fraud. His experience, geographically, encompasses Europe, Asia and North America. Professor Pathak often blogs on the topics of civil and professional interest through his LINKEDIN profile.