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The Changed Paradigm of Business Progress

Special issue call for papers from On The Horizon

Co-Edited by: Joan Marques, PhD, EdD

On the Horizon is preparing a special issue, due to be published in 2018, on emerging growth paradigms for business performance.

In our day and age, education has become increasing challenging, because progress is increasingly challenging, because progress is increasingly perceived as growth with consideration of the wellbeing of stakeholders: immediate and distant, human and non-human. Visible on the horizon, and approaching steadily, are critical insights about carbon footprints, environmental responsibility, and spiritual behaviour, as advancement strategies. These aspects are finally gaining prominence in the aftermath of a turbulent first decade of the 21st century, with numerous exposures of those who engaged in self-centred progress. What is definitely rising in importance is the need to become more value-centred, and with that, the need to educate upcoming generations that way. The entire notion of corporate excellence has shifted from the old perception of ever-expanding, to one in which clarity, focus, and connection are critical (Green, 2012).

Within the framework of focusing on the management horizon, this issue will increase awareness and evoke reflection, contemplation and research on the need, education, and implementation of new paradigms in regard to the concept and context of progress toward a more promising future.

One essential aim of this special issue is to inspire and challenge scholars to critically evaluate the foundations and manifestations of their intellectual compositions and educative stances, as well as applications, in order to induce constructive and collaborative mental models upon upcoming generations of leaders (current students).

Indicative list of anticipated themes (not limited to these):

- Educating New Horizons in Business Progress
- Educating Towards a New Paradigm
- Educating New Bottom-Line Concepts
- An Awareness-based Multi-Dimensional Focus
- At the Intersection of Spirituality, Sustainability and Leadership
- Soft Skills and Leading Toward New Horizons


Final Papers Due: January 31 2018


- Abstracts, questions to
- Subject Line: The Changed Paradigm of Business Progress
- The abstracts will be screened by the Guest Editor. Drafts will be peer reviewed
- All full submissions must be submitted for peer review via the ScholarOne website: Please ensure that you select the correct Special Issue from the drop down menu on Page 4 of the submissions process.

Paper requirements:

a) Word length: 3000 to 5000 words including abstract, key words, footnotes and references.
b) All graphs/drawings should be original or accompanies by a formal release from copyright owners, even if in published works. Graphics may be in color for the electronic edition but must be clear as well for the B/W print edition.
c) Abstracts should follow the Emerald format (see Author Guidelines on the Emerald site:


Dr Joan Marques, Guest Editor: