Call for Papers 2017 - International Journal of Public Leadership

The Editor of the International Journal of Public Leadership (IJPL) is pleased to announce this new, 2017 Call for Papers. We have been delighted both by the response to the Call for Papers last year, and by the rich diversity of submissions. To illustrate:

• Forthcoming articles cover topics such as peace leadership, elected mayors, leadership development in the healthcare sector, and social accountability of public leadership in the Arab region
• Forthcoming Special Issues include: ‘Ethical Leadership in Troubled Times’ and ‘Administrative Leadership and Public Sector Management in Developing Countries’

You are cordially invited to submit a paper for consideration for publication in this multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed journal in 2017-18. Potential topics include issues that could be considered relevant to the study of leadership in the public sphere, wherever that is located - from government, to communities, non-governmental actors, businesses, political groups, military forces, or individuals. All perspectives on leadership are welcomed and contributions from all disciplines are encouraged, including but not limited to sociology, organisation studies, public administration and policy, political science, psychology, linguistics, law, history, economics, literature and the arts. Papers that offer new empirical research, theory development or testing, comprehensive literature reviews, or rich practitioner accounts are all welcome.

About IJPL

IJPL draws together the best international research and lived experiences of leadership beyond the corporate world, in the peculiar contexts of government (including local government and other agencies), politics and civil society. Previously published as The International Journal of Leadership in Public Services, the change of title in 2015 reflects the increasing importance given to public leadership, both within and beyond government in the creation of public value. The Journal includes articles from all disciplines that add to the understanding of public leadership, and embraces theoretical and empirical research, alongside illuminating narratives on the exercise of leadership. In this respect, IJPL represents a hugely valuable source of information and intelligence for everyone involved in public leadership and the design and delivery of public services; this is a very exciting time for the journal as we continue to build on its success over the last nine years!

Submit a paper

Submissions are welcomed from academics and leaders across public services and are made using the ScholarOne Manuscript site:

Further information

More information, including author guidelines, is available by clicking this link. Alternatively, please contact Stephen Brookes (Editor,, Megan Mathias (Associate Editor, or Lizzy Seal (Publisher,