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Emerald Business, Management and Economics eBook Series Collection

Emerald Business, Management and Economics eBook Series Collection titles
ISSNBook series titles
1877-6361 Advanced Series in Management
1475-1488 Advances in Accounting Behavioural Research
1085-4622 Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations
1569-4933 Advances in Agricultural Economic History
2212-1609 Advances in Airline Economics
0749-6826 Advances in Applied Business Strategy
0278-0984 Advances in Applied Microeconomics
1475-9152 Advances in Appreciative Inquiry
1529-2134 Advances in Austrian Economics
1477-4070 Advances in Business and Management Forecasting
1069-0964 Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing
1871-3173 Advances in Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research
0731-9053 Advances in Econometrics
1074-7540 Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth
1479-3598 Advances in Environmental Accounting & Management
1569-3732 Advances in Financial Economics
1535-1203 Advances in Global Leadership
0882-6145 Advances in Group Processes
1474-8231 Advances in Health Care Management
0731-2199 Advances in Health Economics and Health Services Research
1745-3542 Advances in Hospitality and Leisure
1479-3601 Advances in Human Performance and Cognitive Engineering Research
0742-6186 Advances in Industrial & Labor Relations
1572-0977 Advances in Interdisciplinary Studies of Work Teams
1571-5027 Advances in International Management
1474-7979 Advances in International Marketing
0065-2830 Advances in Librarianship
0732-0671 Advances in Library Administration and Organization
1474-7871 Advances in Management Accounting
1479-361X Advances in Mergers & Acquisitions
2046-410X Advances in Positive Organizational Psychology
1041-7060 Advances in Public Interest Accounting
0742-3322 Advances in Strategic Management
1058-7497 Advances in Taxation
0885-3339 Advances in the Economic Analysis of Participatory & Labor-Managed Firms
1569-3740 Advances in the Economics of Environmental Resources
1048-4736 Advances in the Study of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Growth
0276-8976 Applications of Management Science
2042-1443 Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice
2040-7262 Community, Environment and Disaster Risk Management
2040-7246 Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research
1569-3759 Contemporary Studies in Economic and Financial Analysis
1572-8323 Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Development
0573-8555 Contributions to Economic Analysis
2043-9059 Critical Studies on Corporate Responsibility, Governance and Sustainability
2043-0523 Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility
2046-6072 Dialogues in Critical Management Studies
1574-8715 Frontiers of Economics and Globalization
1574-0129 Frontiers of Family Economics
1876-066X International Business and Management
1569-3767 International Finance Review
2051-2333 International Perspectives on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
1074-7877 International Research in the Business Disciplines
1571-0386 International Symposia in Economic Theory and Econometrics
1876-0562 Library and Information Science
1479-3571 Monographs in Leadership and Management
1876-0228 New Technology Based Firms in the New Millennium
2045-0605 Organizing for Sustainable Effectiveness
1745-8862 Progress in International Business Research
1479-3563 Research in Accounting in Emerging Economies
1744-2117 Research in Competence-Based Management
0885-2111 Research in Consumer Behavior
0190-1281 Research in Economic Anthropology
0363-3268 Research in Economic History
1529-2096 Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations
0193-2306 Research in Experimental Economics
0196-3821 Research in Finance
1064-4857 Research in Global Strategic Management
0194-3960 Research in Human Capital and Development
0147-9121 Research in Labor Economics
0193-5895 Research in Law and Economics
1094-5334 Research in Middle East Economics
1475-9144 Research in Multi-Level Issues
1479-3555 Research in Occupational Stress and Well Being
0897-3016 Research in Organizational Change and Development
0742-7301 Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management
0161-7230 Research in Political Economy
0732-1317 Research in Public Policy Analysis and Management
0743-4154 Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology
0733-558X Research in the Sociology of Organizations
1479-8387 Research Methodology in Strategy and Management
1049-2585 Research on Economic Inequality
1746-9791 Research on Emotion in Organizations
1534-0856 Research on Managing Groups and Teams
1574-0765 Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Accounting
0737-1071 Research on Technological Innovation, Management and Policy
1548-6435 Review of Marketing Research
1479-3512 Studies in Managerial and Financial Accounting
1479-067X Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Competitive Strategy
2044-9941 Transport and Sustainability