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"Internet Research continues to provide an outlet for the publication of the latest research relating to internet technologies and applications, and their impact upon society. It is recommended reading for academics and practitioners alike, regularly providing material of interest and value to both communities."

Professor Steven Furnell, Network Research Group, University of Plymouth, UK

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  1. Consumer attitudes towards online shopping: the effects of trust, perceived benefits, and perceived web quality
  2. Facebook advertising's influence on intention-to-purchase and purchase amongst Millennials
  3. Influencing the online consumer's behavior: the Web experience
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  5. The effects of blogger recommendations on customers' online shopping intentions
  6. Customer knowledge management via social media: the case of Starbucks

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Podcast: From the internet of ideas to the internet of things

Icon: eye.Imagine Googling your home to find out if you have left your passport on the kitchen table, or receiving a text from your freezer to tell you which items you need to restock, or being tweeted by your spin-dryer to say that your clothes are still wet and need an extra cycle...

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