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Business, Management
& Strategy

eJournals collection

Emerald’s largest and most used eJournal collection including 55 highly topical journals that received 5.2 million downloads in 2016.

Committed to providing usable insights into real-world business scenarios, the collection features case studies from some of the most recognizable global brands, including Apple, Airbnb, Disney, Ford, General Motors, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, McDonalds, Nespresso, Microsoft, Nike and Procter & Gamble.

Coverage spans conventional management history through to radical innovation with key titles including Management Decision, Emerald’s first journal, founded in 1963, and Cross Cultural & Strategic Management, providing cutting-edge research on all aspects of global management.

Coverage of emerging topics

  • Business ethics
  • Competitiveness
  • Conflict management
  • Cross cultural management
  • Emerging economies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Family businesses
  • Gender issues
  • Innovation
  • International business
  • Law & management
  • Management history
  • Project management
  • Retail businesses
  • Service management
  • Social & global responsibility


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From 1996 to 2000 Steve Denning was the Programme Director, Knowledge Management at the World Bank where he spearheaded the organizational knowledge sharing programme. His award-winning article published in Strategy & Leadership aims to identify the lessons CEOs of large established organizations need to learn to make continuous innovation a part of the firm's DNA.

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