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Series cover: Transport and Sustainability

Transport and Sustainability

ISSN: 2044-9941

Editor: Stephen Ison, Maria Attard and Jon Shaw
Subject: Transport Theory (view other series in this subject area)Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index logo. Scopus logo.
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Transport and Sustainability contains original research contributions dealing with a wide range of issues associated with transport, travel, mobility and sustainability. All contributions are subject to peer review. Volumes are edited collections offering incisive and scholarly analysis of these issues from an array of world-leading experts.

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Just published

Volume 7: Sustainable Urban Transport
Editors: Maria Attard and Yoram Shiftan
Publication date: May 2015

The requirement for sustainable transport in urban areas has become more onerous in the past decade due to a number of negative externalities which have been increasingly associated with growing mobility and the advances made in the technology and available options for sustainable transport. However, whilst on one hand technology has supported the reduction of environmental impacts of increased (car) mobility, other policies and actions influencing behaviour have been identified as key contributors to reduce the impact of transport. While the intentions behind particular policies point towards sustainability goals, attitudes towards mode choice are proving more difficult to shift. Specific actions are driving best practice in reducing car dependence by providing alternative means of car sharing and public transport use, whilst others look at promoting non-motorized forms of transport. This publication brings together an international group of researchers and presents work from different countries dealing with issues related to transport policy, attitudes and mode choice, car sharing and alternative modes of transport, and discusses the future of non-motorized modes of transport. See the Table of Contents 


This book provides a rich and comprehensive insight into the current challenges and policies related to the growing concern about urban transport sustainability in the space-economy. It provides a wide-ranging set of examples and case studies from different countries. These contributions show not only the possibility of designing more balanced and sustainable transport modes and high-quality city transport services, but also highlight the various behavioural perceptions and reactions of different social groups with regard to new mobility policies. This volume is of a great value to researchers and practitioners, given the urgent relevance of understanding the evolution of daily mobility patterns and their impact on the urban infrastructures and environment, in the light of the recent research programme EU-Horizon 2020, which has as one of its main Challenges ‘Smart, Green and Integrated Transport’.
Aura Reggiani, University of Bologna, Italy

“A useful addition to the sustainable transport bookshelf, especially for readers interested in transport user behaviour, attitudes and perceptions. These issues are considered across a variety of contexts, user groups and transport modes, including different forms of new mobility services.”
Dominic Stead, Delft University of Technology


Previous volumes

See the review of previous volumes here.

Volume 6: Sustainable Logistics
Editors: Cathy Macharis, Sandra Melo, Johan Woxenius and Tom van Lier
Publication date: December 2014

Logistics is essential to support the economic development of any region. However, logistics operations also create significant nuisances for society, like congestion, emissions, noise, etc. This book deals with ways to come to more sustainable logistics. See the Table of Contents

Volume 5: Parking: Issues and Policies
Editors: Corinne Mulley, Stephen Ison
Publication date: September 2014

This book advances the debate with respect to parking; covering the issues of supply and demand, the various policy measures, namely economic, regulatory, regional wide or organisational. Carefully selected case studies highlight specific examples with industry and research implications. See the Table of Contents.

Volume 4: Sustainable Aviation Futures
Editors: Lucy C. S. Budd, Steven Griggs, David Howarth
Publication date: December 2013
View the Online Table of Contents

This volume brings together some of the leading names in global aviation policy research to provide a unique and ground breaking synthesis of current debates on sustainable aviation.  

About the series

Editorial objectives

Global demand for transport is ever increasing and its effects – both positive and negative – touch almost every aspect of modern life in evermore dramatic ways. Transport’s relationship with the complex concept of sustainability is thus of major concern world-wide; Transport and Sustainability addresses this important nexus between transport and sustainability. It contains volumes dealing with a wide range of issues relating to transport, its impact in economic, social and environmental spheres, and its interaction with other policy sectors. Editors and authors take a wide range of approaches – some volumes are general and some specific in nature, and analyses are advanced from a host of different disciplinary backgrounds and perspectives – but the defining feature is that each contribution is grounded in a firm appreciation of how its contents relate to the broader imperatives associated with transport and sustainability.

Key Benefits

The broad remit of Transport and Sustainability enables the series to:

  • Offer a platform for cutting-edge, holistic analyses of key challenges associated with conceiving and delivering sustainable transport policies and systems
  • Develop a greater understanding and wider dissemination of these challenges based on best practice derived from research
  • Advance an international perspective, drawing wherever possible on relevant case studies, evidence or specific location-related phenomena
  • Bring together the perspectives of leading researchers in order to stimulate new and innovative thinking in terms of transport and travel.

Books in the Transport and Sustainability series are written in a lively, accessible and engaging manner. All research published in Transport and Sustainability undergoes a peer review process.

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Key Audiences

The issues raised by Transport and Sustainability are of international interest and relevance to academics; students of transport, sustainability and sustainable development, economics, geography, sociology, public policy and administration and the environment; and local and central government professionals, politicians and consultants.


  • All the mechanised transport modes, namely road, rail, maritime and aviation
    ‘active’ forms of transport, most notably cycling and walking
  • Policy and governance issues regarding transport’s relationship with inter-related public policy areas
  • Transport futures, especially in the context of transport’s emerging relationship with ICTs
    ‘mobilities’ concerns associated with sociological, behavioural and spatial aspects of travel and transport. 

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The Editors

Stephen Ison is Professor of Transport Policy at Loughborough University. He has an interest in issues relating to transport and sustainability, and has authored, co-authored and/or edited a number of books in the area including Environmental Policies and Issues (Financial Times/Prentice Hall, 2002), Road User Charging: Issues and Policies (Ashgate 2004) and The Implementation and Effectiveness of Transport Demand Management Measures: An International Perspective (Ashgate 2008). Stephen is Associate Editor of the Journal of Transportation Planning and Technology, and Co-editor of the Journal Research in Transportation Business and Management. Stephen is currently Chair of the Special Interest Group (SIG 10) Urban Transport Policy as part of the World Conference on Transport Research Society.

Jon Shaw is Professor of Transport Geography at Plymouth University. He has a particular interest in issues of transport governance and policy, and has authored and/or edited five books in this field. He is also co-editor of the major textbook Transport Geographies: Mobilities, Flows and Spaces (Blackwell, 2008). Jon is Associate Editor of the Journal of Transport Geography, and a former Chair of the Royal Geographical Society’s Transport Geography Research Group. He has held a number of advisory positions, including Specialist Adviser to the House of Commons’ Transport Committee, and he is currently a member of the First Great Western Advisory Board. Aside from the Transport and Sustainability series, Jon is currently working on three new book projects, including an ambitious venture that brings together transport geographers and mobilities geographers in an effort to develop further linkages between their different approaches to travel and mobility research.

Maria Attard is the Head of Geography and the Director of the Institute for Climate Change and Sustainable Development at the University of Malta. She specialises in urban transport policy and planning. Between 2002-2009 she served as a consultant to Government on transport strategy and policy. She was involved in major transport projects and implemented road pricing, park and ride and pedestrianisation projects in the islands’ capital city Valletta. She studied at the University of Malta and completed her PhD at UCL (London) and has published journal articles and book chapters in the areas of urban transport policy, GIS and human geography. Maria is currently the co-chair of Cluster 2 Transport and Environment within the Network of European Communications and Transport Activities Research (NECTAR) and co-chair of SIG G3 and member of the Steering Committee of the World Conference for Transport Research Society (WCTRS).

Contact the Editorial Team

Proposals for either authored or edited books should be sent to the series editors:

Professor Stephen Ison, Loughborough University, UK (s.g.ison@lboro.ac.uk)

Professor Jon Shaw, Plymouth University, UK (jon.shaw@plymouth.ac.uk)

Professor Maria Attard, University of Malta (maria.attard@um.edu.mt)

For more general information about the series and marketing opportunites:

Publisher: Jen McCall (jmccall@emeraldinsight.com)


Editorial Advisory Board  

Lucy Budd, Loughborough University 
Becky Loo, University of Hong Kong
Corinne Mulley, University of Sydney
Robert Noland, Rutgers University
Joachim Scheiner, Technical University of Dortmund
Josias Zietsman, Texas A&M University

Publication ethics

This publication adopts the Emerald Publication Ethics guidelines which fully support the development of, and practical application of consistent ethical standards throughout the scholarly publishing community.

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