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Series cover: Advanced Series in Management

Advanced Series in Management

ISSN: 1877-6361

Editor: Professor Miguel R. Olivas-Lujan and Professor Tanya Bondarouk
Subject: Management Science / Management Studies (view other series in this subject area)Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index logo. Scopus logo.
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Call for book chapters

Indigenous Management Practices in Africa: A Guide for Educators and Practitioners 
Editors: Uchenna Uzo and Abel Kinoti 

Management is central to the realization of organizational goals and objectives. This underscores the reason why it is given much importance by both the academic and practice communities. Lately, there have been calls for management philosophies and theories that reflect the peculiarities of the African continent (Inyang 2008; Iguisi 2014; Thomas et al. 2016). This is especially because the use of western management models in Africa has not entirely yielded results that trigger economic growth and development (Iguisi, 2014, p. 61), yet Africa is fast becoming the investment destination of firms operating outside the continent. While a good number of African business schools teach theories and practices based on western models concerted efforts are yet to be made to unpack indigenous management practices that shape the way business gets done in the continent. What might this difference imply for management in Africa? Could there be management guidelines crafted by Africans for Africans? This proposed book seeks to tease out the common management practices across the sub-regions of Africa that correspond to the western management curricula.

In concrete terms, the proposed book is targeted at business school faculty members and practitioners seeking to understand indigenous African management practices. Faculty members within and outside the continent would be exposed to the distinctive practices and principles that are characteristic to the continent. As such, these insights would offer the backbone for elaborating on African management curricula for business schools within and outside the continent. Practitioners would also acquire knowledge on the principles for doing business in Africa. Chapter contributors would be required to provide short cases to reflect the practices that they describe. Since Africa is made up of five sub-regions, contributors would be required to capture the common practices that exist in the sub-regions of the continent.

For more details about volume 19 of Advanced Series in Management and more information on submitting a chapter, download the Call for Book Chapters form (Word doc) and the brief description of each chapter (Word doc).


About the latest volumes

New Ways of Working Practices 
Editor: Jan de Leede 
Publication date: December 2016

New technologies, new office concepts and new working environments are all big concepts, and we are just at the start of understanding the impact of these global trends on shaping our behaviors at work. This book describes and analyses the trends known as 'New Ways of Working' primarily addressing the behavioral side of NWW practices as many researchers and practitioners claim the success of NWW is not in IT, nor in facilities, but in behavior. We have to learn and to adapt to the new possibilities of collaboration at a distance. Our managers have to learn and to show new leadership behaviors in order to get the most out of it. And we have to learn how to build organizations that can easily absorb these new practices. Therefore, we present some new data on the use of NWW practices.

For more details about volume 16 of Advanced Series in Management, browse the Table of Contents.


Dead Firms Causes and Effects of Cross-Border Corporate Insolvency
Editors: Miguel M. Torres, Virginia Cathro and Maria-Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez
Publication date: June 2016

Why do firms die? This volume seeks to explore international and cross-disciplinary perspectives, if you like a forensic examination, autopsy or post mortem of 'how and why' companies die. This alternate perspectives flips the focus on survival, as all existing firms are in truth survivors, to consider through the metaphors of death, (with forensic analysis, autopsy, post mortems and crime scene investigations) the lessons 'dead firms' might offer.

This book contributes to the understanding of the development, antecedents, processes and consequences of corporate insolvency around the world. In general lines, insolvency is a state in which the debtor is proven unable to pay corporate debtors. We explore the contemporary causes and effects of corporate cross-border insolvency (CCBI). In the realms of international business, CCBI could be mediated by events experienced during the internationalization of the firm, which may encompass a loss of capital, loss of revenue and loss of credit. 

For more details about volume 15 of Advanced Series in Management, browse the Table of Contents.

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About the book series

Advanced Series in Management offers new perspectives on management that will influence theory and practice. New, hybrid, or unusual approaches to – and scholarly ideas about – research in management and related disciplines are welcome. Whether exploratory or evidence-based, analytical or holistic, inquiries often neglected by flagship publications are especially encouraged.

Recent volumes have:

  • Shown emerging uses of social media for Human Resources & Strategic Management
  • Concentrated on different forms of honesty manifestations & outcomes for individuals & organizations
  • Documented relationships between commercial diplomacy, international relations & business
  • Explored effects of new uses of Information Technologies in changing management practices in HR & related areas
  • Presented an autopoietic theory of firm formation & evolution
  • Introduced the competence-based approach to strategy & management theory & practice

Editorial contact details

Series Editors:

Professor Miguel R. Olivas-Lujan
Clarion University of Pennsylvania, USA

Professor Tanya Bondarouk
University of Twente, The Netherlands

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