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Grand Transformation to Entrepreneurial Economy, Exploring the Void

Grand Transformation to Entrepreneurial Economy, Exploring the Void.


Piero Formica, Maynooth University, Ireland


We are now entering a new entrepreneurial economy, as we have shifted away from an industrial economy. This sharing economy has created a new paradigm of aggregation of individuals. It is around these communities organized into categories (workers, employees, executives, entrepreneurs, professionals) that the legislation takes shape. If public policy intends to give voice to the sharing communities, then it needs to enact pro-entrepreneurship policies, and move away from policies that cater to the old industrial economy. This can be done by facilitating experiments and studies of entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups. There is no work at the crossroads of economics and entrepreneurship such as this.

Formica explains why public policy needs to shift towards encouraging an entrepreneurial economy, and how this can be done. Employing illustrative examples, he focuses on the need for policy makers to support entrepreneurs and how they can work together to establish the right environment for new business development.

Brief Table of Contents:


Preface: Out of the Fire and Into the Void by John Edmondson

Note from the Author

1. The Background

2. Intermezzo: If Pandora's Box were Opened

3. A New Protagonist On The Stage: The Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurial Society

4. The Shadow Of Corporatism Looming Over the Sharing and On-Demand Economy 

5. Bountiful Void: A Generator Of Expansive Forces

6. Absence Of Void: The Negativity of Abundance in the Case of Italy

7. The Golden Age of the Policy Makers

8. The Void Of Intermediation

9. The Great Challenge Before Us



Book Information

ISBN Print: 9781785605239
ISBN Electronic: 9781785605222
Publication Date: 03 December 2015
Format print: Hardback
Format Electronic: PDF and ePub

Page count: 180
Dimensions: 152 x 229

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Contributor to Harvard Business Review

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