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Preserving over 100 years of management research online, this collection provides access to over 129,000 articles from more than 260 journals dating back to 1898.

A lifetime investment for your institution, Emerald Backfiles will significantly enhance your library's offering both now and into the future. As Backfiles is accessed alongside eJournal content on Emerald Insight, this collection increases dissemination through enhanced discoverability.

New flexible collection options for 2017 – you can now choose to take the entire Backfiles collection with Backfiles Premier or tailor your resources with Backfiles Subject Collections.

Backfiles Subject Collections

Effectively manage allocation of budget by tailoring resources to the subject specialities of your institution. Providing context to present day thinking, each collection offers an invaluable reference for the evolution of subject themes to your institution's subject specialities.

Pick and choose only the subjects you need.

Backfiles Premier

The largest eJournal collection available from Emerald.

One single payment provides perpetual access to Emerald's largest eJournal collection with over 129,000 articles from more than 260 journals, dating back to 1898. Unique in its breadth, this collection charts the work of leading thinkers within various fields of management across 100 years.


"Emerald Backfiles is a very relevant source of information for all our researchers interested in management issues"

– Lourdes San Juan, National Library of Spain

Discover how the thinking of leading figures has evolved over 100 years and put present-day theory into context


Organisational Change: "Top‐Down" or "Bottom‐Up" Management?

The phrase "selling the change" is commonly used to describe a process in which management attempts either to convince those affected that they are likely to gain as a result, or promises them that they will be compensated for any loss of job, pay, or status.

By Professor Tom Lupton, Personnel Review


Building organisational culture that stimulates creativity and innovation

Values, norms and beliefs that play a role in creativity and innovation can either support or inhibit creativity and innovation depending on how they influence individual and group behaviour.

By E.C. Martins, F. Terblanche, European Journal of Innovation Management


Women in American and British Libraries

... we have often mentally discussed the reason why so many of the libraries of the United States are in the hands of women, and so few in Great Britain. Tradition and habit are of course responsible to a great degree in the latter case…

By Miss Hannah P. James, The Library World


Looking at electronic resources librarians: Is there gender equity within this emerging specialty?

Reviews the history of gender inequity in libraries, outline salary issues in libraries, and attempt to define what an electronic resources librarian is, with systems librarians being used for comparison. Results appear to indicate that males are not being favored over females for employment in this library specialty.

By Barbara J. Bergman, New Library World


Global standardization: courting danger

... there are circumstances where a multinational can gain through increased standardization of its product and marketing mix, and circumstances where this strategy would hurt the company.

By Philip Kotler, Journal of Consumer Marketing


McDonald's: "think global, act local" – the marketing mix

Using the effect of strategical and tactical models, the case illustrates the effect of McDonald’s on the global environment and how they adapt to local communities.

By Claudio Vignali, British Food Journal


World Wide Web: the information universe

The World-Wide Web (W3) initiative is a practical project designed to bring a global information universe into existence using available technology. This article describes the aims, data model, and protocols needed to implement the "web" and compares them with various contemporary systems.

By Tim Berners-Lee et al, Internet Research


Fathoming Porter's five forces model in the internet era

Deals with the impact of the internet on "traditional" market rules and the way a company must formulate its business strategy. Answers and pitfalls of some of Porter's arguments regarding the internet and strategy are presented ... after re‐evaluating Porter's five forces model, the use of the "power of innovation" is suggested as an additional profit factor within industry.

By G.D. Karagiannopoulos, N. Georgopoulos and K. Nikolopoulos, info