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Emerald Open Research

Emerald Open Research is a new open access publishing platform that supports rapid publication and allows authors to achieve transparency through an open peer review process and open data policy.

The platform, due to launch at the end of 2018, is a natural evolution of our flagship Emerald Reach programme. It has been developed to offer authors choice, visibility, and flexibility when it comes to open access. The platform supports rapid publication of research, allowing it to start gathering views, downloads and citations without delay. This will be followed by open peer review controlled by the author.

Image: Emerald Open Research.

How will Emerald Open Research work?

Image: How will Emerald Open Research work?

Why should I publish on Emerald Open Research?

Emerald Open Research is focused around the needs of our authors, giving you the best opportunity to increase discoverability, accessibility, and impact of your work.

  • Speed – You can publish your research rapidly, allowing dissemination of research to happen more quickly.

  • Traditional and non-traditional formats – You can publish research beyond traditional articles e.g. - case studies, data notes and reviews.

  • Open peer review – You will have control over selecting your own reviewers.

  • Real time metrics – You can see real time metrics related to your work which will include downloads, citations and altmetrics.

  • Real Impact – You can contribute to societal challenges more quickly, as research will be made accessible to a wider audience.

What content types will the platform publish?

The platform will publish research beyond traditional articles:

  • Research articles
  • Case studies
  • Opinion articles
  • Research notes
  • Data notes
  • Methods articles
  • Software tools
  • Study protocols
  • Editorials
  • Correspondence (critique of an Emerald Open Research article only)

What areas of research can I publish in?

The initial focus will be on six themes aligned to Sustainable Development Goals identified by the United Nations (UN). We hope to add more themes in 2019.

  • Healthy Lives
  • Responsible Management
  • Sustainable Cities
  • 21st Century Education
  • Digital World
  • Sustainable Food Systems

When will the new platform launch and accept submissions?

The platform will launch and begin accepting submissions at the end of the year. Click below to find out more.