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Video Abstracts Showcase – PAGE 4

Welcome to Emerald's Video Abstracts Showcase

Video abstracts showcaseVideo abstracts are an exciting new initiative which we are keen to explore with our communities.

Short videos presented by the originator of an article can provide an engaging platform for presenting a broad overview of the content and motivation behind a piece of work, add a personal touch to show the people involved, and in a world of "information overload" assist in signposting you to the research particularly relevant to your needs.

Below are video abstracts of recently published and notable Emerald articles filmed by the articles' authors. You will also find corresponding article and author information next to each abstract, along with the links to download the research.

We sincerely thank the authors featured below for making this showcase possible.

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Fashion Design Podcast Initiative: Emerging Technologies and Fashion Design Teaching Strategies.

The Fashion Design Podcast Initiative educated students about podcasting by having the students share in the teaching activities as part of learning.

By creating educational podcasts, students developed skills in new technologies and disseminated information to educate others about fashion design. Faculty and students discovered the benefits and drawbacks with emerging technologies as teaching strategies.

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Organizational quality and organizational change: Interconnecting paths to effectiveness.

Ian Smith is manager of the Administrative Change Programme at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. His article appears in Emerald's Library Management journal.

Which comes first – quality or change? Managing change is inherent in organizational quality enhancement. Managing organizational change and managing organizational quality go hand-in-hand. In this video, Ian Smith introduces an engaging article which seeks to look into quality enhancement initiatives to achieve organizational "fitness for purpose". Libraries and librarians operating in an environment of rapid and complex change should add to their managerial “toolkits” an understanding of the intersecting issues of organizational quality and organizational change, and a proactive approach to managing both.

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Working with the complexities of transformational change in a society in transition: A South African perspective.

The purpose of this paper is to explore the establishment and development of a leadership centre in a South African University.

The paper offers an in-depth review of factors impacting on change and develops an interpretative framework that could be applied in other contexts. Given the current systemic changes taking place within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, the paper could offer insight into working with transformational change in societies in transition.

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Characteristics of high performing managers in The Netherlands.

Despite the abundance of literature on management it seems that the quality of management has not improved enough to prevent scandals which have occurred in recent years.

As national cultures signal different determinants of high performance, there is a need for leadership research into the effectiveness characteristics of managers in non-US countries. This article aims to develop an empirically validated profile of high performing managers in The Netherlands using a leadership framework developed in Asia.

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Applicability of the high performance organization framework in the Middle East: The case of Palestine Polytechnic University.

Interest in creating high performance organizations (HPOs) has been growing in the Middle East and Middle Eastern managers have been looking into practices that will help them elevate organizational performance.

The research described in this paper constitutes one of the first studies into the determining factors of sustainable high performance in the Middle East and as such, it adds to the strategic management literature by showing that the HPO concept can be applied in the Middle East to evaluate the high performance status of Middle Eastern organizations.

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CSR stakeholder engagement and Nigerian tobacco manufacturing sub-sector.

To the best of the author's knowledge, this is the first case study that explores CSR and stakeholder engagement in the Nigeria tobacco sub-sector.

Findings suggest that the engagement appears too controlled and lacking in authenticity; and that the stakeholder engagement framework needs to be developed to improve informed and balanced stakeholder participation and progressive CSR programmes.

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Flexible business models.

The aim in this paper is to describe and explain the flexibility offered by different business models adopted by different firms as they strive to achieve higher levels of business performance.

Companies can use the flexible business model approach to examine their own selection and integration of network influence, transactional relationships and corporate ownership and scrutinise their flexibility and performance in the marketplace.

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Informing a new business-to-business relationship: Corporate identity and the emergence of a relationship identity.

Firms face the challenge of working with other firms in their business network so as to increase the value of products and services offered to end customers and consumers.

This paper addresses a gap in the literature concerning the areas of the role of corporate identity in business relationship development. The findings are important to research and practice with regard to how companies develop successful business-to-business relationships.

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Rethinking the organization: leadership for game-changing innovation.

From 1996 to 2000 Steve Denning was the Programme Director, Knowledge Management at the World Bank where he spearheaded the organizational knowledge sharing programme.

His award-winning article published in Strategy & Leadership aims to identify the lessons CEOs of large established organizations need to learn to make continuous innovation a part of the firm's DNA. Denning argues that instead of innovation and organizational learning being the responsibility of a few iconoclastic, courageous and rare individuals or departments, it needs to become institutionalized as an organization-wide capability.

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