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Video Abstracts Showcase – PAGE 3

Welcome to Emerald's Video Abstracts Showcase

Video abstracts showcaseVideo abstracts are an exciting new initiative which we are keen to explore with our communities.

Short videos presented by the originator of an article can provide an engaging platform for presenting a broad overview of the content and motivation behind a piece of work, add a personal touch to show the people involved, and in a world of "information overload" assist in signposting you to the research particularly relevant to your needs.

Below are video abstracts of recently published and notable Emerald articles filmed by the articles' authors. You will also find corresponding article and author information next to each abstract, along with the links to download the research.

We sincerely thank the authors featured below for making this showcase possible.

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Video: The value of social media: are universities successfully engaging their audience?

In a time when social media are becoming prevalent forms of communication, it is important to understand how to properly use such tools.

With limited literature in the field pertaining specifically to social media usage by universities, this study helps to understand what universities are doing with social media and lays the foundation for how universities can create value from social media.

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Video: Preliminary investigation of dog presence on stress and organizational perceptions.

Published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, this Emerald article has featured widely in the general media, including the BBC, Time Magazine and The Huffington Post.

The authors present here the first quantitative exploratory study of the effects of pet dogs in the workplace setting on employee stress and perceptions of satisfaction, support and commitment.

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Marketing as promise management: regaining customer management for marketing.

One of Emerald's most esteemed and popular authors, Dr. Christian Grönroos has been Professor of Service and Relationship Marketing at Hanken School of Economics, Finland since 1999. His article appears in the Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing.

In today's competitive markets where market offerings are far more complicated and customer interfaces are far broader than conventional marketing models assume, marketing has become increasingly tactical and has lost control of the customer management process. The purpose of Dr Grönroos' work is to develop a promise management-based approach to marketing with the goal of regaining customer management for marketing.

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How salespeople deal with intergenerational relationship selling.

The Millennial generation (born after 1981) of salespeople is projected to become the apparent heir to replace top-end Baby Boomers expected to retire at an alarming rate over the next five years.

This problem poses a significant challenge in that buyer-seller relationships will need to form between members of different generations. Managers can help younger salespeople develop strategies for managing older buyers. These strategies are establishing similarities, building credibility, showing dependability, demonstrating professionalism, and showing youthful enthusiasm.

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Managing industrial service offerings in global business markets.

Despite the increased focus on industrial services in manufacturing companies, little research to date has focused on understanding the roles of local and central organizations in global service management.

In order to address this research gap, this article aims to investigate how industrial service offerings are developed and managed in multinational manufacturing companies.

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Different experiences of socio-cultural integration: a European merger in Mexico.

This article – published in the Journal of Organizational Change Management – presents a study on the socio-cultural integration process in a merger of two European pharmaceutical subsidiaries in Mexico.

The findings of this article may help managers and change agents to understand that within merger partners, subgroups exist and different concerns in terms of their identity may emerge.

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The role of brand image, product involvement, and knowledge in explaining consumer purchase behaviour of counterfeits: Direct and indirect effects.

This article – published in the European Journal of Marketing – holds important implications for both practitioners and academics.

Listen to author Xuemei Bian of Nottingham University, UK, and find out how this research seeks to examine the impact of perceived brand image, direct and indirect effects of product involvement and product knowledge on consumer purchase intention of counterfeits in the context of non-deceptive counterfeiting.

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Customer satisfaction and business performance: a firm-level analysis.

Earl Naumann is Professor of Marketing and Paul Williams an Associate Professor of Marketing, both working at the School of Business and Management at the American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Featured in the Journal of Services Marketing, their article sets out to examine the relationships between customer satisfaction and a variety of company performance metrics at the firm-level of analysis. Numerous experts have noted that marketing needs to document the financial impact of marketing activities. Unlike most studies in this area, this study investigated these associations at the firm level, rather than at the aggregate or industry level where some relationships are potentially masked.

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An empirical assessment of the relationship between character/ethics education and consumer behaviour at the tweens segment: the case of Egypt.

This article – published in Young Consumers – is considered the world's first empirical investigation of the relationship between ethics education and consumer behaviour in the "tweens" segment.

In this video, author Noha El-Bassiouny explains how the research is designed as a pioneering empirical study, sampling Egypt as an example of a growing consumer market as well as an illustration of the relevance of character education programmes for inducing changes in consumption patterns. The research is groundbreaking in its assessment of the overlaps between character education and consumer behaviour.

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Developing business school/SMEs collaboration: the role of trust.

This article investigates the initiation and development of effective business relationships, including knowledge transfer partnerships, with the primacy of trust as a key factor for collaborative development.

There has been minimal research works on building successful collaborations within the business schools context, which contributes to professional practice through collaboration between business schools and SMEs.

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