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Video Abstracts Showcase – PAGE 2

Welcome to Emerald's Video Abstracts Showcase

Video abstracts showcaseVideo abstracts are an exciting new initiative which we are keen to explore with our communities.

Short videos presented by the originator of an article can provide an engaging platform for presenting a broad overview of the content and motivation behind a piece of work, add a personal touch to show the people involved, and in a world of "information overload" assist in signposting you to the research particularly relevant to your needs.

Below are video abstracts of recently published and notable Emerald articles filmed by the articles' authors. You will also find corresponding article and author information next to each abstract, along with the links to download the research.

We sincerely thank the authors featured below for making this showcase possible.

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Virtue theory and organizations: considering persons with disabilities.

This research aims to apply virtue theory to the under-employment problem of persons with disabilities (PWD).

The authors suggest human resource management practices that virtuous organizations could use to address the problem of the under-employment and stigmatization of PWD. No research currently applies virtue theory to the under-employment problem of persons with disabilities.

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Buyer-supplier relationships in a servitized environment.

The purpose of this study is to examine a buyer's adoption of servitization and the associated implications for the relationships with its suppliers.

This is the first empirical study that explores the implications of servitization on buyer-supplier relationships. It advances the understanding of the implications that the adoption of servitization has on the manner in which two parties interrelate and conduct commercial exchange.

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Global approaches to the service business in manufacturing companies.

This work aims to investigate how product manufacturing firms can configure their global service approach.

The study contributes to the debate on integrating versus separating the service organization. It offers a complementary explanation on integrating and separating the service business, through a differentiation into central and local (market) organizations. The authors won a Literati Outstanding Paper Award (2012) for this research.

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Confessions of a Border-Crossing Brotha-Scholar.

In this book chapter, Ty-Ron Douglas draws on his experiences in various educative spaces to share how he utilizes his positionality as a border-crossing brotha-scholar to teach about social justice and racism in university classrooms.

In sharing how he employs his unique identity to help students negotiate various ideological borders in his courses, Douglas also models how socially just pedagogical practices can emerge out of who we are.

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Dealing with supply chain risks: Linking risk management practices and strategies to performance.

The effects of supply chain risk management (SCRM) on the performance of a supply chain remain unexplored.

Since volatility has increasingly become a prevalent state of supply chains, companies need to consider robustness to be of primary importance to withstand everyday risks and exceptions. This is the first study to view the relationship between SCRM, agility/robustness, and performance.

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Online social networks and learning.

Published in On the Horizon, this viewpoint essay seeks to argue that young people's online social networking can serve as sites for and supports for student learning in ways not currently assessed.

This work presents concrete examples of how social network sites, typically seen as a distraction, might be re-envisioned as supports for revised student learning outcomes.

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Gendered identity negotiations through food consumption.

Are peaches, Caesar salad and chocolate masculine or feminine food? Literature suggests that there is a clear association between certain types of food, portion sizes and gendered identities.

This research paper and short film aims to explore the theory in practice of food consumption for young consumers, particularly impression management required to create/maintain an attractive identity to the opposite sex.

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Employability skills development in Greek higher education institutions (HEIs): Implications for policy makers.

The purpose of this paper is to look at the employability skills development efforts of Greek higher education institutions (HEIs) and recommend ways to help them create the employable graduate.

It is revealed that HEIs in Greece have failed, so far, to integrate key skills into their curriculum and as a result graduates are not equipped with a range of skills designed to be of practical value in the world of work.

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Classroom Experiences Through the Lens of Social Justice: The Postsecondary Experiences of Three Black Female Students.

This book chapter examines the educational perspective of three black female graduate students within the context of a social justice framework.

Through the exploration of their own experiences, the authors highlight various coping mechanisms employed by three minority students to deal with the socially constructed hierarchies that exist in the classroom environment as a result of differences across racial and gender lines.

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Promotion of Effective Coping Among Adolescents of Color.

The breadth and depth of research on coping among adolescents of color has improved significantly over the past decade, yet this review reveals several areas where further exploration is needed.

The authors aim to synthesize the literature on coping among adolescents of color in the US by examining normative and circumstantial stressors, describing coping strategies, and summarizing the literature on coping for the promotion of well-being among adolescents of color, including descriptive and intervention studies.

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