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Video Abstracts Showcase – PAGE 1

Welcome to Emerald's Video Abstracts Showcase

Video abstracts showcaseVideo abstracts are an exciting new initiative which we are keen to explore with our communities.

Short videos presented by the originator of an article can provide an engaging platform for presenting a broad overview of the content and motivation behind a piece of work, add a personal touch to show the people involved, and in a world of "information overload" assist in signposting you to the research particularly relevant to your needs.

Below are video abstracts of recently published and notable Emerald articles filmed by the articles' authors. You will also find corresponding article and author information next to each abstract, along with the links to download the research.

We sincerely thank the authors featured below for making this showcase possible.

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Human resource management and organizational effectiveness: yesterday and today.

In the inaugural issue of the 2014 launch Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance, Professors Schuler and Jackson from Rutgers University wrote an article that was awarded the journal's best paper for 2014.

In this video, they reflect on the key messages in their article "Human resource management and organizational effectiveness: yesterday and today" and what it means for the nature of HRM.

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Gert Jan Hofstede video.

According to author Gert Jan Hofstede, the purpose of this work is to argue that in cross-cultural and strategic management, we must pay attention to the processes creating and maintaining culture.

How can everyday interactions give rise to national, "deep" cultures, recognizable across centuries, or organizational cultures, recognizable across decades? The suggestions in this essay could lead to new collaborations in the study of culture and organizational processes.

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Making water count: water accountability change within an Australian university.

This study provides insight into the development, fragility, and contested meaning of emergent systems of water accountability within the context of a university.

Drought conditions affected an acute water scarcity crisis across large parts of Australia through the late 1990s and into the 2000s. Public policy responses emphasized demand management strategies. The author aims to examine the response to these challenges within a large Australian university from 1999 to 2010.

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The internet as an alternative path to internationalization?.

While the internet enjoys increasing interest regarding its potential to extend the global reach of firms, especially small and medium‐sized firms (SMEs), little work has been done on the viability of the internet as a new and effective path to internationalization.

The authors develop a framework and explore previously untested relationships that suggest the internet may play a complementary role in firm internationalization.

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Managers as change agents: Implications for human resource managers engaging with culture change.

The authors present a two-year investigation of a major State organization trying to reshape the culture and values after a politically determined merger.

The paper uses the findings from an empirical study to indicate the agencies of change that managers can employ during organizational change processes. By doing so it provides both a pragmatic model for managers of change, and through the typology of manager agencies of change makes an addition to the existing theoretical frameworks of change management.

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Effect of using a personal development plan on learning and development.

This study aims to examine the effects of using a personal development plan (PDP) on the undertaking of learning activities and the employee's job competencies.

In order to promote employees' learning and development, more and more companies are starting to implement PDPs. Empirical studies researching the effectiveness of PDPs in the workplace are scarce, however.

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Evidence of lean - a review of international peer-reviewed journal articles.

Here, the authors set out to examine how "lean" is viewed in academic literature and how it is operationalized.

The research presented here is the first comprehensive literature review with regard to lean and evidence in relationship to definitions of and assumptions about lean.

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Chasing value offerings through green supply chain innovation.

This research provides a case that visualizes how value offerings along a food supply chain can be chased through green supply chain innovations.

By focusing on the interfaces between each main actor in the supply chain, this paper contributes to existing research with valuable knowledge of inter-organizational issues related to challenges of supply chain innovation.

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Workplace bullying as a gendered phenomenon.

In this research, the authors argue that bullying is a gendered, rather than gender-neutral, phenomenon.

The finding that bullying is gendered rather than gender-neutral has implications above all for the way managers, organizational representatives and policy-makers should address and prevent workplace bullying.

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Organizational emotional intelligence: development of a model.

The purpose of this paper is to focus on two research questions. First, how are emotional competencies related? Second, are organizations emotionally intelligent (EI)?

The study provides preliminary feedback on the possibility of detection of variations in EI levels across organizations and highlights relevant implications accordingly.

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Benefits of mentoring African-American men.

The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between mentoring, job satisfaction and organizational commitment among African-American males.

This is one of the relatively few organizational studies designed specifically for a minority group. The results have implications for how human resource professionals and managers might improve mentoring experiences for minorities.

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