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Marketing your library

"If we don't tell people how crucial libraries and librarians are, who will?"

About the author

Photo: Lisa EnnisLisa Ennis is a reference librarian and assistant professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham's Lister Hill Library of Health Sciences. She received her MSc in information sciences from the University of Tenessee in 1997. She has written numerous articles and papers and two books: Encyclopedia of Title IX and Sports and Government Documents Librarianship.

At a time when information is being stored and accessed in so many new ways, some might perceive the tradtional role of the library and librarian to be under threat. But the sheer quantity and varying quality of all that information actually makes the need for libraries and, in particular, librarians stronger than ever.

In this 12-part series, Lisa A. Ennis discusses how librarians can bring the library and its services much closer to the people who need them, making them aware of the services it can provide and, in turn, making the librarian's role a more fulfilling one.

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