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Technology Mobility

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society

Author submission deadline: 16 August 2019

Guest Edited by:Tomayess Issa, Pedro Isaias and Piet Kommers


Currently, technology and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) become a core, and essential tool in any sector to improve job performance and productivity as well to ensure that job is efficient and effective.  Using technology and ICT is unlimited to specific software package or home; however, the shift now changed to use numerous and various software called World Wide Web or “Web," to enhance and improve communications, collaboration, cooperation, and connection between various stakeholders to improve job productivity and performance.

Furthermore, using the web via vast stakeholders will improve data management, support availability of  Internet mobility,  simulate  creativity  and innovation,  encourage  factor  of  globalization  phenomena,  enhance  customers’  satisfaction  via communication, collaboration, cooperation and connection.

The web is divided into several types from web 1.0, web 2.0, and web 3.0.  Web 1.0 refers to connecting information and shared read-write hypertext space; while Web 2.0 is known the participative web as allow users to connect via social-networking with more interaction with less control.  As for Web, 3.0 refer to connecting intelligence and is known as semantic web, in other words, is to identify a web-based date so that searches can be more effective, and the information is part of the network.  Web 3.0 is considering the future website for every sector, including the business.

This special issue will cover topics in relation to the journey of Web 1.0 –Web 3.0 particularly: Web and Marketing; Web and Management; Web and Governance; Web and Mining, Web and Technology, Web and Sustainability; Web and Policy, including regulation and best practices in public and private business sector and other topics. Education and training are also key factors for job performance and should play a key role both in Academic Institutions as well as in companies.

This special issue will assist various stakeholders for web (including Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4. 0..etc.) adoption, since this tool will improve their job performance and productivity.  Furthermore, this special issue aims to support researchers and academics’ work and sharing the latest technologies among their students nationally and internationally especially in the higher-education sector.

Submission Information

Authors are instructed to follow the Guide for Authors and submission guidelines and to choose "Technology Mobility" as the issue you are submitting to in the online submission system.

Author submission deadline: 16 August 2019