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Economies and Sustainability of Future Growth

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy

The submission portal for this special issue will open June 15, 2019

Guest editor:
Dr. Virginia Simón-Moya, University of Valencia, Spain

Strong and weak ties among individuals build the social networks usually needed to create a venture (Greve and Salaff, 2003). In this wise, social networks may be seen as entrepreneurial communities addressed to the creation of business organizations that can pursue different goals. The nature of the organization will determine the main goal. Whatever the main goal of the venture, organizations in general have to take into consideration two secondary goals: sustainability and future growth. It is important to deal with these goals in two different contexts, inside and outside the venture. Inside the venture, the strategic management plays a fundamental role when designing the policies needed to make the venture a sustainable one and able to grow (Teece et al. 1998). However, the perspective changes when considering the outside of the venture. The two goals of sustainability and growth should also be applicable to the external context and specifically to the environment. In the last years, a growing part of the literature about management is considering this point of view, the commitment of ventures to preserve the natural environment (Bansal and Roth, 2000; Baral and Pokhare, 2017; Etzion, 2007; Dutt and Joseph, 2019) as well as the role of the Social Responsibility and its linkage with stakeholders (Bansal and Roth, 2000; Schrempf-Stirling, 2016) and the relationship between the preservation of environment and the legitimacy of the venture (Bansal and Clelland,2004; Suddaby et al, 2017). In this wise, studying both the possible consequences of companies actions against the environment (Fichter, 2008) and the views of the people affected by these actions becomes an important field of research (Dana et al., 2009). Furthermore, regarding sustainability, literature has also pointed the importance of the dichotomy of value appropriation and value creation (Santos, 2012) and the creation of a social value (Austin et al. 2006). Accordingly, there is a significant body of literature addressing the topic of social ventures as well as the entrepreneurs’ motivation to constitute them (Miller et al. 2012).

This call is addressed to this issue, the actions of new ventures for making their contexts more sustainable. Specific areas of interest are e.g.:

  • The role of Social Responsibility in incorporating the different stakeholders view.
  • Other business models addressing the issue of the environment.
  • Social ventures as possible solutions to social problems.
  • Ecosystem change and new business models.
  • New ways to compete regarding green stakeholders.

In addition to the aforementioned topics, we are also interested in the areas and scope covered by the Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy. We welcome both, quantitative and qualitative papers. Submitted manuscripts must not have been published previously, nor be under consideration for publication in other journals. All submitted manuscripts must strictly adhere to JEC’s general author guidelines. For submitting a paper please submit over the JEC online submission system (

Papers accepted by and presented at 2019 INEKA Conference will have preferred/accelerated access to the second review round, although the special issue will also be open for papers not presented at the conference. For papers submitted to and accepted by INEKA 2019, the two reviews for the conference track depict the first review round.

Participation in the conference itself or acceptance of a paper for presentation does not guarantee that the authors will be selected for the JEC special issue.

Submissions for:

  1. INEKA + JEC: please submit over both the conference website and the JEC online submission system (
  2. JEC only: please submit over the JEC online submission system (

Manuscript submission deadline: October 15, 2019.

For submissions to JEC, please choose the “Special Issue” option during the submission process.