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Analytics Modelling and Applications

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Modelling in Management

Special Issue Call for Papers Journal of Modelling in Management

Analytics Modelling and Applications

Guest Editors:

Juan R. Jaramillo -
Adelphi University, USA

Juan G. Lalinde -
Universidad EAFIT, Colombia

Catalina Jaramillo-
Independent Consultant

Nicolas F. Salazar -
Universidad de Lima, Peru


Analytics is a relatively new area that incorporates math, statistics and computer science elements and techniques with the goal of extracting valuable information from data. Applications of analytics in Management are becoming very popular among organizations. The number of conferences in Business Analytics has been gorwing fast and new awards have been created (e.g., Innovative Applications in Analytics Award) or renmaed (Franz Edelman Award for Achievement in Advanced Analytics, Operations Research and Management Science) to incorporate an Analytics component. However, there are few journals dedicated to analytics today. Consequently, there is room for a special issue on modelling applications in Analytics applied to Management.


The issue will include novel developments or innovative ways of applying analytics techniques applied to management. Therefore, this issue will bring new knowledge and ideas about the development and the usage of analytics in management. The aim of this issue is to present developments and applications in analytics modelling and implementation applied to the field of Management. The issues will be focused on theoretical developments as well as applied contributions.


 - Logistics and Supply Chain Analytics
 - Human Resource Analytics
 - Operations Management Analytics
 - Marketing Analytics
 - Organizational Behavior Analytics
 - Finance Analytics
 - Product Development Analytics
 - Performance Management Analytics
 - Quality Management Analytics
 - Visualization in Management
 - Data Analytics in Management

Submission and deadline information:

All submissions to be made via the Journal of Modelling in Management Scholar One site The author guidelines for the journal can be found here.
Final date for submissions: Janauary 31st 2020