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Higher and Degree Apprenticeships: Equality and Diversity Matter

Special issue call for papers from Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships: Equality and Diversity Matter

Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning

Guest Editor: Gilmar Queiros, Apprenticeship Development Manager, Staffordshire University

In 2015, the UK Government apprenticeship taskforce launched ‘English Apprenticeships: our 2020 Vision’ to set a target of 3 million new apprenticeship starts. Within the report, Government further outlined its commitment towards increasing the proportion of apprentices from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds by 20%, as well as ensuring support is available for people with special educational needs and disabilities. Despite its overarching links with three other Special Issues focused on Higher and Degree Apprenticeships, including topics such as social mobility and quality in delivery, this Special Issue will focus specifically on equality and diversity approaches across all apprenticeship stakeholders and the higher education sector in support of the Government’s ambition and in line with the country's productivity plan.

In recent years, Government has devoted a lot of attention towards apprenticeships as a means to boost the country’s productivity and meet employers’ needs. The UK Industrial Strategy recognises the importance of work-based programmes and apprenticeships particularly to enhance the country's overall productivity and bridge known skills gaps and shortages. Higher and Degree

Apprenticeships have the potential to enhance provision of attainment of higher level skills essential to future productivity and general economic growth. It is only right that apprenticeships are an opportunity of equal accessibility to everyone, irrespective of background, gender and disability. Apprenticeships must draw on the talent of all in society, and businesses should be able to benefit from the huge potential of the UK's diverse workforce.

This Special issue is aimed at collating and reporting best practice insights, covering a

variety of angles from stakeholders directly involved within Higher and Degree Apprenticeship

practice and delivery – as well as highlighting gap areas in need of improvement with specific recommendations as to how to implement those improvements based on case-study evidence and wider Government support.

We welcome submissions to this special issue. Topics covered include (but are not limited to):

  • Higher and Degree Apprenticeships 2020 Vision: achieving targets on Equality and Diversity
  • Employer Initiatives to raise equality and diversity standards in apprenticeship provision
  • Apprenticeship Providers promoting and embedding equality and diversity good practice
  • Enabling progression: career routes into work and the professions through apprenticeship fair and equal access
  • Inclusive communities of learning: recognising, respecting and celebrating diversity
  • Tackling unconscious bias in practice
  • Improving and widening access:

-          To women in STEM

-          On closing the gender gap

-          To individuals from BAME backgrounds;

-          To individuals with disabilities;

-          Despite sexual orientation.

Deadline and Submission Details

Authors should submit proposal abstracts directly to Gilmar Queiros: For information on structured abstracts, please refer to the author guidelines below.

Article proposals: mid-December 15 2018

Author submission deadline: 15 February 2019

Publication: November 2019

To submit your research, please visit:

To view the author guidelines for this journal, please visit:

Contact the Guest Editor:

Gilmar Queiros, Staffordshire University