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Economics of Conflict and Defence

Special issue call for papers from Indian Growth and Development Review

Terrorism and Conflict

Guest edited by

Sajal Lahiri Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Satya P. Das,

What the issue is about ?

This special issue focusses on all areas of conflict --- terrorism, civil war, inter-country war, military coup, etc., and papers can be either theoretical, empirical, or a mixture of the two. We believe that the key to a resolution of a conflict is an understanding of the economic forces that lead to the conflict in the first place. Identifying and assessing the costs and benefits of conflicts to the involved parties are important for building a framework for lasting peace.

The articles in the special issue will hopefully shed light of these issues both at theoretical and empirical levels.

Specific topics we invite you to provide submissions on:

  • The role of third parties in conflict resolution
  • Case-based empirical papers on various types of conflict
  • Assessing costs and benefits of conflicts at both theoretical and empirical levels
  • Identifying economic forces that are the root causes of the starting of a conflict
  • Identifying leading indicators of different types conflicts so that they can be stopped before they start
  • Identifying economic factors that operate in ongoing conflicts in order to resolve conflicts
  • The roles of carrots and sticks in resolving conflicts
  • The role of international trade in conflict resolution
  • The role of foreign direct investment in third-party intervention
  • The role natural resources in conflict
  • Defense spending and conflict
  • Understanding the root case and probability of terror attacks

Proposed schedule:

Submission deadline:  31 January 2019
Papers reviewed: 31 April  2019
Revised papers reviewed and accepted: 30 June 2019
Final versions of accepted papers delivered:  30 September 2019
Accepted issue number (optional): January 2020

Further guidance

Please read the IGDR publication style guidelines before submitting your paper
Go to the ScholarOne portal for IGDR to register/or log on to submit your paper
If you have any question about the special issue or your intended submission, please contact the guest editors above