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Quality and Innovation: How to Create Value for Customers by Value Added Innovation

Special issue call for papers from The TQM Journal


Guest Editor

Arash Shahin Ph.D.

Professor, Director of Quality Management Research Group, Department of Management, University of Isfahan, Iran

Submission Deadline for Papers: 31st December 2018


Both of the subjects of quality and innovation can complement each other. Quality management can be applied in forms of a tool, a technique or a system to add value to products and services. Innovation management can be also applied to add value to products, services and process. From the perspective of quality management and regarding the fact that innovation management deals with the improvement in early stages of product/service development, innovation can be considered as a means for quality by design approach. Due to the wide range of topics in quality management and regarding the evolving concepts of innovation management, there is considerable scope to improve quality when executing innovation management and the simultaneous consideration of the both subjects can be considered as a key resource for organizations to improve their performance and competitive advantages further.

However, there is still a lack of efforts in this specific domain. Hence, proper focus should be given on leveraging the integration of quality management and innovation to provide a better competitive strategy for organizations.


Innovation management is an evolving area. The relationship between quality and innovation could benefit researchers, practitioners and university lecturers. For researchers, the subject of this special issue of the journal provides a great opportunity to think and generate new solutions for the enhancement of product and process innovation by the tools and techniques of quality management and also to model the influences of innovation management on the quality of products and services. For practitioners, this issue will provide the opportunity to know how both subjects can be implemented simultaneously and how innovation management can help organizations in moving faster from quality of performance to quality by design. For the university lecturers, this issue will provide more evidence on the application of the integrated concepts via case studies as well as development in theory.

Proposed Special Issue Outcome

The objectives of this special issue are to explore the synergy between quality management and innovation management and investigate the challenges, impacts and contributions of this synergy in organizations.

Specific topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Synergy between quality management and innovation management
  • Frameworks and models of relationship between quality management and innovation management
  • Best practice and case studies on applying both quality management and innovation management in organizations, simultaneously
  • Challenges of the integration of quality management and innovation management
  • Impacts of the integration of quality management and innovation management on organizational performance
  • Quality, culture and innovation adoption
  • Quality and responsible innovation
  • Quality and disruptive innovation
  • Lean Six Sigma and lean innovation
  • Quality and open innovation
  • Quality and eco-innovation
  • Quality and frugal innovation
  • Quality and radical-incremental innovation
  • Quality and social innovation
  • Quality and sustainable innovation
  • Quality and reverse innovation
  • Quality and global innovation

We welcome original, empirical, and review papers, case studies, and theoretical frameworks or models related to Quality and Innovation. High quality submission may come from academics, researchers, practitioners, and even management consultants who are international opinion leaders. The sectors that can be covered in the scope of the journal would include manufacturing, service and public service companies.

Submissions should comply with the journal author guidelines here. Submissions should be made through ScholarOne Manuscripts, the online submission and peer review system. Registration and access is available here.